14 Day Challenge - Vitality


Have you purchased a Premium Starter Kit and you are now wondering what to do next? This course is designed just for you! 

You're invited to get to know your Premium Starter Kit with our 14-Day Challenge. Learn at your own pace with just a few minutes a day. This course will cover how to use each essential oil, what to do with the Ningxia Red, and all about essential rewards.

If you would like to purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you may visit my website for the help guide which will walk you through how to setup and create your personal wholesale account. 

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Table of Contents

Day 1: Peppermint or Peppermint Vitality
Day 2: Lavender or Lavender Vitality
Day 3: Lemon or Lemon Vitality
Day 4: Frankincense or Frankincense Vitality
Day 5: Copaiba or Copaiba Vitality
Day 6: DiGize or DiGize Vitality
Day 7: Thieves or Thieves Vitality
Day 8: R.C.
Day 9: Panaway
Day 10: Purification
Day 11: Stress Away
Day 12: Ningxia Red
Day 13: Essential Rewards
Day 14: Learn More & Conclusion

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