This class will help you differentiate between a salesperson and a trained professional.  You will get RED FLAGS to look for to keep you and your family, pets and loved ones SAFE!    That's not all you will get is safe advice and solid resources for future study, you will get some of my favorite recipes. (If you purchase items similar to these in stores it would cost upwards of $100.00 but you get these as a part of the class FREE (my treat!)   I want to make sure you walk away with great information along with goodies to make that are SAFE! 

Remember you cannot learn anything new if you think you know everything. So go into this course with a Shoshin Mindset.   Empty out what you think you may know and just be open to the material presented!   

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So you were invited to a home party right? Or your friend is selling some new things.  But you want to make sure the information you are getting is LEGIT and not from someone with little or poor training? You are in the right place and are getting information from a reputable person with advance independent of a EO company training!  I DO NOT represent any EO company!  So the info you get is purely for your benefit and the safety of your family! 

This is the same class I teach in person with lots of extras including free recipes!!!  Heck, the recipes alone are worth the small fee I charge for this class. 

This class was created for people who cannot attend my in person class due to location or time reasons. There is a small fee to help cover the cost of creating it and offering it to a larger group of people.  We wanted to get the word to many, many people!  This class is designed to give you thorough information in a short amount of time and give you great resources for further education.  It is NOT a complete Essential Oil course as that would be hundreds and hundreds of hours and dollars too. If anyone tells you they can give you a thorough education in a short time I would be very wary of them, they may be just trying to sell you something! 

This class will give you solid resources for future study and a few easy recipes to get your started (that are safe) , as well as a list of a few oils, there uses.  You don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on kits.  Knowing and having a few oils are pretty much all you need for the home pharmacy.   I am very passionate about safety! I am real and passionate about everything I do (that's how  you earn a 4th degree black belt and a Master's Degree lol). 

But wait there is more!   YES, I do tell you the straight truth!  But you will have a good time too!   I like to laugh and cut up and have a great time as well. 

I have over 1000 hours in EO education and many more in self study:  My Experience is here:  I am a professional member of NAHA and adhere to their safety guidelines on ethics, teaching about EOS and usage. 

My Education

Topics Included

General Safety Warnings

Professionals Verses Salespeople

Tools in the Tool Box

Home Pharmacy Oils

Resources and Links for further research. 

Question and Answer to Common Questions

Bonus Recipes for you to try!

Format is Videos and text with links to resources and recipes.  These recipes are for your personal use and not for resale! 

This class doesn't qualify you to sell or do clinical aromatherapy in anyway!  

Do I need previous Essential Oil training for this class?

No! I make this information simple and yet interesting. And you get a few jokes too. I offer many websites for further information too.

Do you list your favorite EOs for the home pharmacy?

Yes I do. I can't go into GREAT detail of course for time reasons but I do list several EOs and what they are commonly used for. And give reputable resources for further research.

Are you suggesting resources?

You know it!!! ! All the authors are reputable and have books and websites for you to learn more on your own.

I heard you play in creeks is that true?

GOTCHA!!! But yes you are right I do like to play in the creek who told you? In other words yes I am a real person.

Do you sell X brand?

NO!!!! I do not sell any brand! I suggest a few I like, but I do NOT sell any essential oils. I make things that have EOs in them and sell those items like Botanical Perfume. if you want to look at those.

Why don't you recommend the brand my sister sells? She says it is the best.

I do not recommend any brands that are sold through direct marketing. I am sorry I feel like that is a conflict of interest and is not fair to my students or clients. You are free to buy any brand you like. If I sold X brand and then taught this class, it may come off a little disingenuous, and that I am not.

Who is the class for?

This class if for anyone that has a friend, neighbors, co-worker, family member (cousin, mom, sister, etc) that is selling essential oils. You WILL get an invite to the class and you NEED to know facts BEFORE you go so you know if the person is really trained. This class is for anyone without advanced training to know what to look for in regards to safety. So basically this class is for 90% of the general population of people. Once you invest in this course you have access to my recipes, videos and text, therefore refunds are not given.

What's the format?

Videos (just like I am teaching the class in person), links, texts and recipes. Once you invest in this course you have access to my recipes, videos and text, therefore refunds are not given.