Wellness of Mind, Body, & Spirit eCourse & Coaching Program

Welcome to the 

Wellness of Mind, Body, Spirit 

eCourse and Coaching Program!

Are you in tip top physical shape but feel that something within you is missing? Perhaps you are a successful business person but suffer with health issues and feel that there has to be something more to life? Do you feel that no matter what you do, you just can't seem to live the life you want to live? Feeling stuck, frustrated, lonely and downright blah?

Whatever your current situation is, healing and wellness do not occur in complete form until mind, body, and spirit are in alignment. How do you pull all three of those elements together so that you live a life of peace, ease, and wellness? 

Join me and let me give you the tools you need to remember who you truly are; to peel away the layers and let your higher self shine through!

With This Program You Will:

  • Gain more peace of mind day to day.
  • Develop confidence in yourself, create boundaries and learn to be your own advocate.
  • Learn what your intuition is and how to listen to it.
  • Have help in structuring your own personal spiritual bubble, or fine tuning one you already have. (This is not a threat to any current religious practices and will be used to enhance your religion if you have one.)
  • Receive resources and suggestions for nutrition that fit your specific body and energy type.
  • Learn to identify thoughts, speech, and writing phrases that hinder your progress.
  • Develop an abundance mind set and solution oriented skills.
  • Learn specific meditations for key life challenges that you can modify as you grow your internal awareness.
  • Tools for mind, body, and spirit to live a fuller, creative and more authentic life! 

What Comes With Your Purchase

  • 6 weeks of lessons.
  • Weekly coaching sessions.
  • Content, videos, and resources to help you learn and grow.
  • The support of someone who will help keep you accountable and inspired to keep learning and growing.
  • A 45 minute Intuitive Crystal Wisdom Reading.


The following hourly add-ons can be purchased at a discount with your eCourse. These coaching sessions add some extra oomph to your experience. You can buy as few or as many as you'd like.