Fearless Impact: Move to Action, Influence Your World

It's time to move toward action and influence your world. It's time to say, "Enough is enough." It's time to start living for God.

Do you feel the tug - the pull to take a stand & fearlessly impact

You've landed in the right place, because I've taken a message from God and turned in into actionable content just for you! This place is for the one who's looking to make a difference, the one who's done living in the comfortable, the one who raises a hand in expectant joy at the work God can do through human vessels. 


Because we all feel a burden. We've all been given a tender spot - our children's salvation, the sick and hurting, the homeless and the poor, the sexually broken, the mission field. And those tender spots? They deserve our attention! They're tender for a reason! 

This course will encourage you to Allow the Word of God to enter into the tough places of your heart, influence your beliefs, and impact the way you live. Would you start today? 

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How will Fearless Impact help you? 

  • It will challenge you.  With tough questions and deep topics, this 7-day course will challenge you to dig deep and discover your tender spot for impact.
  • It will educate you.  Did you know that God has given us hundreds of examples of fearless impact? This course dives into a few of those examples.
  • It will equip you. You'll need some skills in order to be a person of fearless impact. Find valuable information about the practical steps to fearless impact.
  • It will grow you. It's designed to be a process - a journey of growth in who God has made you and designed you to be. 
  • It will move your faith to action. That's the whole point, isn't it? To become people that live for God instead of just saying we believe in Him. Take that first step today.

This powerful material will encourage you to dig deep, to dive in, and to get moving on this journey to become someone of fearless impact

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What do you get when you purchase Fearless Impact

You'll receive instant access to 7 revolutionary lessons, packed full of Scripture, challenging reading material, and points of reflection. In addition, each lesson comes with a Challenge worksheet and a Diving Deeper worksheet. That means 14 unique worksheets designed to foster growth! 

The lessons include: 

  • WHY We Impact + Discovering Your Why
  • HOW to Fearlessly Impact
  • Remembering Your History through Powerful Examples 
  • Determining Your Fearless Impact: A Plan of Attack
  • Combatting Lies about Impact with Grace-Filled Truth
  • Impacting Yourself with the Gospel
  • Prayer & Discovering Your Fighter Verses

There is also BONUS material available for those who wish to use it. There you'll find more biblical examples of Fearless Impact, as well as scheduling/planning tips and a printable prayer for your fearless impact.

This course will NEVER expire. You can work through the seven modules at your own pace - working as fast or as slow as you'd like! You could take this material to a coffee shop and have your own Fearless Impact retreat, or you could use this course as your morning Bible study for a week. Just know that the material will always be available

You'll also have immediate access to ALL of the content - bonuses included!

I pray that you would consider taking this course - consider making a Fearless Impact for the gospel. Consider moving from a place of believing in God to living for Him. 

Start today!