Write Your Book in 21 Days: Tapping into Creative Flow

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  • "Debra’s writing classes helped me finish my book."

    — BL, Corporate, VP, Charlotte, NC, USA
  • "Awesome! Thank you...I will now say, 'I am a writer!!'"

    — Stephanie W., UK
  • Debra changes everyone she touches with her magic 'creativity dust.'"

    — Sue P., Charleston, South Carolina
  • Debra’s unique ability to guide, combined with her candid humor moved me to follow her workshops on writing. Theses workshops ultimately helped me to sort out my thoughts and ditch the fear of opening-up while pursuing my dream of sharing Nia."

    — Katia M., Geneva, Switzerland

Are you ready to make a breakthrough and commit to your writing project? "Write Your Book in 21 Days" will help you to develop a writing discipline and work through the obstacles and resistance that writers naturally face. Inexperienced writers may allow themselves to stay stuck. But "Write Your Book in 21 Days" will encourage you to keep going and write on. Based on the practical experience of an experienced, published author and teacher, you'll discover energizing and unique ways to tap into your creative energy. You'll be encouraged to face natural resistance and doubts that may block you from achieving your dreams. "Write Your Book in 21 Days" will show you ways to continue to write in a smooth, easy flow. Like many of Debra Moffitt's workshops and retreats, this online course seeks to engage you in an interactive, experiential course that will help you to connect with your creative dreams and get your project on the page.

Most of you already know the basics of writing. But creating a daily discipline and committing to your creative project offers more challenges. This course aims to help you make the breakthrough and connect with your creative energy through daily writing sessions, practical tips on writing, and inspiring affirmations.

What you'll gain from this course:

-Encouragement to commit to your writing project and practical guidance on how to do it.

-Suggestions on ways to create a space for your writing.

-Practical tips on gaining momentum and honoring your creative goals and desires.

-Solid guidance on how to concentrate and develop focus without distractions.

-Suggestions on finding the best structure for your project.

How the course works: 

The foundation for this course is the "Just Write!" sessions that you'll be encouraged to do every day for 21 days from 25 to 45 minutes. In addition you'll receive daily lessons on ways to overcome obstacles, structure your work, maintain your writing discipline, how to use dreams for inspiration, and how to write without distractions. Lessons consist of an introduction to the topic of the day, an affirmation, and some writing prompts as well as details about how to "Just Write!"

"Just Write!" is the basis of Debra's popular writing workshop. The sessions help to free up your creative energy and allow you to "get it on the page". 

While you may not finish your book in 21 days, you will create a rhythm and develop a writing discipline that will set you well on the way to completing your project and fulfilling your dream of writing a book.

Additional Options: One-on-one session with Debra Moffitt - $90 for one hour

Package of 5 hours is $350 for course participants. (Savings of $100.)

Debra Moffitt, the course author and presenter, is an award-winning author whose books are published in several languages. She has written for national blogs in the U.S. and writes for consumer and luxury magazines in English, French, and Italian. She loves writing and is gifted at helping others to achieve their writing dreams. She's on the faculty at The Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina and has taught at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Her annual writing retreats in the French and Swiss Alps are counted among the "Top 25 Incredible Writing Retreats to Attend" by The Write Life.

Lesson 1 - Pulling Focus & Creating a Writing Discipline
Lesson 3 - Building Momentum
Lesson 4 - Measure Productivity
Lesson 5 - Balance Creativity and Structure
Lesson 6 - Practice Patience
Lesson 7 - Rest & Reflect
Lesson 8 - Back in the Rhythm
Lesson 9 - Trusting the Creative Process
Lesson 10 - Filling the Well with Meditation
Lesson 11 - Loving the Obstacles
Lesson 12 - Deeper into Structure
Lesson 13 - Asking for Inspiration
Lesson 14 - Writing and the Hero's Journey
Lesson 15 - Counting the Days and Your Words
Lesson 16 - Happy to Be Here
Lesson 17 - Acknowledging the Inner Critic
Lesson 18 - On Publishing
Lesson 19 - What's Your Purpose?
Lesson 20 - Clarifying Your Vision and Values
Lesson 21 - Celebrate Your Success!

"You helped me unlock some energy that I had no idea existed and the yoga, exercise or acupuncture couldn’t touch!" Marty C. - Charlotte, NC, USA

"Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop last Friday and Saturday. I was not sure what to expect, but it was exactly what I needed to create the year I so desire, personally and professionally....We have already begun the second project since returning." - Dr. John Evans

"What a beautiful day. What a better way to start than with a creative morning writing away in an amazing workshop led by award winning author Debra Moffitt. Seriously, ‪#‎Geneva folks, join her FB page: to keep updated on further writing workshops!" smile emoticon – Lais Stephan

Do I need any writing experience?

This course is for anyone who wants to write, including beginners.

How does the program work?

Each day you will be encouraged to write using the "Just Write!" method described in the introductory pdf. In addition each lesson will include an affirmation as well as issues writers face as they write. It includes ways to continue to find inspiration, work with dreams, and allow your creative energy to flow onto the page.