Tennis Elbow Evaluation: Individual Study

Guts and Glory Tennis has been successfully helping local customers who are suffering from arm pain, specifically tennis/golfer's elbow, for more than 10 years. Our blog writings on the topic have generated a tremendous amount of interest and hundreds of telephone calls from tennis players of all ages and skill levels throughout the country.  When the arm discomfort is equipment related, we have successfully helped players understand potential causes as well as suggesting equipment modifications and changes to eliminate the pain.  

This class is structured as an individual study where the instructor will work with you one-on-one to help identify potential causes of the discomfort and make specific recommendations to help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.  We are also able to use our knowledge of equipment in a preventive way and advise players about how they may make smart use of equipment adjustments to prevent arm pain from ever occurring. 

You will start out by answering 10 questions that will help kick off the assessment process.  After responding, your instructor will direct you to an appropriate lesson to help you understand the probable causes of your discomfort.  

If the racquet frame is a suspected cause, we will direct you to a class session where you will learn about racquet specifications and how they can contribute to arm pain.  We will also make specific recommendations for you in terms of either modifying your racquet or making suggestions of frames for you to consider playtesting for a possible equipment change.  

If the strings are a suspected cause we will direct you to a class session where you will learn about string construction and tension.  We will make specific suggestions for you about string types to use, tensions to try and sometimes even stringing methods to help eliminate the pain.  

If we suspect the cause is something other than equipment related, we can share therapies, exercises and treatments that have proven effective for many of our customers.  Also we can share why some methods, such as cortisone shots and elbow straps are not our favorite approaches.  

So, if you are experiencing arm discomfort, this class is for you.  Your case will be reviewed individually and all recommendations will be specifically customized for you based on our classroom conversations.  We look forward to helping you!

Note: All course discussions and postings are visible to ALL course enrollees. 

Opening Session
Personal Assessment
Focus Sessions
Racquet Analysis
String Setup Analysis
Treatment Discussion Area
Arm-Pain Treatment/Relief
Class Evaluation/Results
Course Feedback

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