Canine Conditioning Course Part 2- Auditor

YOUR DOG IS AN ELITE ATHLETE! Take your dog's fitness to the next level with exercises you can easily perform at home. I have supplied many exercises that do not require any equipment, as well as a number of exercises increasing in difficulty that require only a box and a disc. No need to purchase lots of expensive equipment!

All performance sports require our dogs to be finely honed athletes. Without proper conditioning performance will suffer and your dog is at risk for injury. Most performance injuries occur due to lack of a well thought out, properly executed conditioning program.

Learn how to condition your dog safely and to maximize benefit from the time you invest in your dog. Petra is a physical therapist certified in canine rehabilitation, an athlete and competes with her own dogs in multiple venues.

This course builds on the foundation provided in Canine Conditioning Part 1. I strongly recommend you complete Part 1 before taking Part 2. However, if your dog already has a fitness base and/or because you have taken other courses/seminars this course will work for you. I have provided "Review" sections throughout the course indicating a foundation exercise your dog needs for the more advanced exercise.


  • A variety of strengthening and flexibility exercises that require no equipment
  • Exercises progressing in difficulty that improve endurance, strength and flexibility using basic equipment (box and disc)
  • Advanced exercises that will improve balance, coordination, and body awareness
  • Exercises that safely and correctly strengthen core muscles and provide overall strengthening and flexibility to improve performance

How much is the course?

$150.00 for a working spot. $95.00 for an auditing spot.

What does a Working spot include?

A Working Spot includes access to all lecture and video materials, the ability to post questions and videos, answers to all questions and feedback on the videos, and feedback on both written and video assignments. You will have access to videos for a total of four months. You MUST be able to upload videos to Youtube in order to submit video for review!!! Please make sure you have this capability before signing up for a Working Spot.

What does an Auditing spot include?

Auditing spot includes access to all lecture and video materials. You will not be submitting video or homework for feedback. You will not have access to videos, comments, discussions submitted by working participants. You will be able to email questions. You will have access to the videos for a total of four months.

Target Audience:

All dogs training and/or competing in agility, obedience, conformation, rally, herding, protection sports, nosework, disc dog, flyball, field work, that have either completed Canine Conditioning Part 1 or have a fitness base.

What equipment is needed for this course?

Box with non-slip surface (see description video below). 24 inch fitness disc (see description video below). Treats. Space Needed: Small area with non-slip footing (such as grass, dirt, rubber, carpet).

Description of box needed for course:

Description of disc needed for course: