Easy Four Step Skin Analysis

Easy Four Step Skin Analysis by EMD Skin Solutions.

This course is an easy guide to conducting a proper, professional skin analysis.

There is a lot of mystery around typing skin and identifying conditions and I want to help you break this down so you can do it with ease!

In only four simple steps you will learn my method of accurate and common-sense skin analysis that you can practice for the rest of your career!

Without proper skin analysis you can not recommend appropriate treatments and upgrades and you certainly can't build trust with your clients.

I am including actual phrases that you can memorize and communicate to your clients to introduce, expand and best communicate your skin analysis. 

I want all of you (esthetician and skin care professional colleagues) to make money and build long, fulfilling, professional relationships with all of your clients.

I want you to walk away from this course with several "ah ha" moments and encouragement. I want you to feel stronger, more confident and ready to hit the ground running the next day you return to your job or business.

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Thank you and I hope to see you in class!

Elizabeth Maglieri Donat, B.A., L.E.