Move On From Your Past & Live a Better Life

We learn that many of the happiest people have great stories to tell, sometimes of how they let go of their sad, painful situations to finally get ahead. It seems easy when you are over at the other side, but how do we do it? 

It's never easy to let go, what more to let go of a painful past that haunts you over and over again, which puts up a block on your path to future and possibly will bring you down if you ever have one!

Are you still feeling the pain today? Do you feel lost and alone in battling your way out? Dejected and disappointed time and again wishing that the hurt will go away? 

Regardless of losing a dear one or being let go in a relationship, people always say time will heal. But if it has been over for so long, too long in fact, and you are still hurting inside, you know there is something that you're still holding on to tightly. Sometimes you could feel the pain so much that you can't breathe!

You might wish it'd never happened so you won't have to experience such pain, such devastation and desperation!

Time does not heal, it only numbs the pain.

Over time, we get used to the emotional video playing in our head over and over again, feeling the pain each time so often that what hurt so much initially have now reached an acceptable range, but it's still there!

Why did it have to happen to you?

Do you struggle with letting go of the past? Do you find yourself constantly being pulled back into the loop of anger, self-blame, hatred, regret, detest or feel unforgiving towards those who have done you wrong or betrayed you in the past?

Are you tired of all of these and want to move on? Do you want to let the past be bygones and start a new chapter in your life yet don't know how?

You don't have to suffer in silence. 

You'd be more than relieved to know that you can actually move on and live a better life than now!

Imagine how it feels to be able to let go finally, to be able to live a better life, to have something to look forward to when you wake up in the morning.

Being able to finally let go, getting over the hurtful past and starting to heal only happens when you are ready and want to move on.

Do you want to be a more loving person to yourself? Wake up feeling better each day? Look forward to something exciting everyday? 

Wouldn't it be great if this pain no longer can hold you back, so that you can do what you have always wanted to? To chase your dreams without reservations? To finally be happy?

For someone who have been on a similar journey, stuck for years engulfed in deep regret, hatred and self-blame, I felt there was nothing to look forward to in my future. I gave up my dreams, while watching people around me achieve dreams, milestones after milestones, goals after goals. I hated myself for making wrong choices and for being so foolish to have trusted so easily. I closed off my heart and became an emotionally unavailable person. I lived in my own world, wallowed in self-pity and was disgruntled all the time.

Until I did this exercise for myself and began to realize that we can actually Let Go forever

From one who lost her dreams to actually going out and achieving it, I have grown multiples times to be the better version of myself from the day I decided to let go. I revived my goals to actually doing it, I found the love of my life and I am grateful for each day I am here because it means another day to work on my dreams instead of blaming and complaining about my past plight.

You can too!

Join in the course as I walk you through the process of getting over the history, to moving on and to actually living your life after all that struggle finally.

This will be a five week long course with weekly exercises you will complete. 

You will be given a step-by-step guide on how to move forward each week. 
During the week, there will be a follow-up email to assess your progress and review any questions that you may face.

All you need is to take the first step to enroll yourself 

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The only healing comes from within yourself.

Only you can set yourself free but most times, many of us struggle in dealing with the history and emotions alone, what more to get past it?

Pretend it never happened? The fact is it did happen and it was in your life.

Trash it out? All that emotions? You've done it so many times and end up hurting more. You close yourself up, not willing to share more lest you get hurt again, but what comes out from it? Distrust? More insecurities? Fear of betrayal? Haunting past?

Accept it? Some never really embraced their past, never really had closure. Some took it that it was meant to be this way, that they would suffer and stay this way for the rest of their lives. Do you feel the same way too?

Managing Disappointments in Life

Loss of loved ones? Feeling stifled or unappreciated? Small and unworthy?

Many of us encounter disappointments in life, be it big or small, and they hurt because you cared. As well for failures and rejections, but why do some of us seem to hurt more and longer than the others? Then again, how do some people move on so easily?

Why do you feel pain if you love someone? Isn’t there a saying that if you love someone you would want them to be happy even when the person beside them is not you? So why does it hurt so much to see who you love being happy?

What makes a person better today than who he or she is before is their ability to rise above situations, heal their wounds and pain to be able to move on.

What pain and hurt builds on you is your resilience as well as your character, but more than that, it builds your life.

Many have told me that they don't know how to get over it, they want to but they don't know how. Maybe that's their destiny! they say. That was what I felt and experienced in the past. I felt I had to be punished because of the wrong path and decisions I had taken which resulted in the heavy prices I paid, I regretted my actions every single day for years and I could not forgive myself. I felt stuck. I wanted to feel better and be better, but I didn't allow myself to! I was punishing myself for a past I had not been able to reconcile with myself!

Eventually I thought that this was my destiny, my fate, that I was not meant to be happy. I closed myself up emotionally. I had friends but I didn't believe in anyone. I was insecure and distrustful most times. I ended up getting hurt and pained time and again. I didn't permit myself to dream further.

One day I asked a question: "Is it possible to Let Go forever?" I was desperate for an answer. I thought if someone could point me the answer, everything else would be fine from then on. I did get an answer, but I had to do the work myself.

All that changed with an exercise I went through.

It was hard, but I learned to let go, accept and forgive myself, went on to live my life.

Life has turned 180 degrees from then on.

So, how do we rise above these pain and hurt? How do we get out of these painful situations? How can we finally let ourselves learn and finally understand that we deserve great stuffs happening in our life

If you are looking to mend your heart and reconcile with your past, this course is for you.

This course is also for you if

  • You have a hurtful past or experience you want to work on.
  • You NEED to get out of this rut
  • You are desperate to move on
  • You are tired of this sh*t
  • You WANT to be happy
  • You are willing to work on getting better
  • You want to lead a better life
  • You know you can do this!

You deserve so much better!

Module 1 - Identify The (Actual) Pain and WHY It Hurts!
Module 1 Review
Module 2 - On Forgiveness & Letting Go
Module 2 Progress
Module 3 - Do This For Yourself
Module 3 Feedback
Module 4 - Build Your Resilience and Strength
Module 5 - It Takes Time

When does the class start?

"Move On & Live A Better Life" is a self-paced program that starts anytime you join!

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you want to move on from the life you have had before; if you want to live a better life than those who hurt, betrayed, or done you wrong; if you are tired of having to deal with this loop that constantly plays back and reminds you of your mistake in the past; if you want a future yet feel like you don't deserve to feel better.

Don't do it for anyone else, Do It For Yourself!

Is this done Individually or in groups?

This course is set for individuals as we all have different encounters in life and experience different pasts. It requires deep work, time and effort from yourself; you will need to set time and space to work on this on your own as you deal with your past where you look in depth within yourself, instead of sharing with others who may be facing similar situations with different journeys.

There will also be progress reviews where you can seek clarifications and ask questions pertaining to the course as well as any issues that you may be having while doing the course, which will be informed after you sign up.

Does it matter what part of the world I’m in?

This is a virtual course, and you can participate from anywhere at anytime! As long as you have your email. Every week, a module will be sent to your email and you can log in to the course anytime you want.

How long is this course?

We have set five weeks duration on this course with one module to be released each week. During the week, you will receive a separate email for review and feedback. This is also the time when you get to ask questions and seek clarifications on any problems you face when doing the module, or raise any concerns that you encounter.

As mentioned, this course is self-paced, so you can at your time and comfortable setting, do the exercises. It is better to allocate about an hour with no interruptions each session, especially the first module.

What happens after I register for the course?

You’ll be directed to a thank you page to complete your registration and get your login info. If you have any problems, you can email me at