Unique. Successful. Personalized. 

These are the core elements of an authentic Brand. And this is exactly what you will gain through Bold. Branding! With 10 video lessons and accompanying Free Worksheets, this course will guide you through the process of building a brand that you love and your clients are drawn to!

Successful photographers and business coaches Christina Dizon and Hannah Abed bring you their best condensed content in the new online course, "Bold.Branding." 

For all creatives who have wanted to build a profitable brand, but don't know where to start, Bold.Branding will help you discover, process, and determine the foundational elements of a brand that is uniquely and undeniably you. 

Unlike many other Branding courses, you won't simply hear the success of others and hope to imitate that; you will take actual steps to uncover the specialized elements that will make your brand YOU! 

Personal Values & Offerings
The Love List
The Real Deal on Branding
Photographic Values
The Dream Business Behind Your Brand
The Name Game
When It All Comes Together
Unique Brand: Unique Offerings
True Touchpoints for Your Brand

Start Building Your Brand TODAY! 

What if I don't even have a business started yet?

This is exactly the best time to take Bold.Branding. Before you invest the time, energy, and resources into building a business, let's be sure every element in the process is authentic to you. So many photographers begin their business and later down the road find themselves in need of re-branding. With Bold.Branding, you will ensure that the brand you begin now is the brand that will last forever!

What if I have had a business for several years? Will Bold.Branding help me?

Absolutely! Bold. Branding will help you solidify and uncover organic aspects of your personality and style that will naturally fit within your business. You may find that Bold. Branding enhances and deepens the business you have already created!

How long will Bold.Branding take me to complete?

The length varies for everyone. You may find that the videos take you only a few hours to work through, but the time required for the worksheets may take significantly longer. This course is designed for lasting results, so don't skimp on the time it takes you to complete.

What makes this course different than the other branding courses out there?

Most branding courses are designed for general business, or are designed by simply other photographers. Bold.Branding is designed by business coaches, which means that we understand how to help YOU get to the BOTTOM of what's in your soul. We don't expect you to follow our brands or business principles, we guide you to discover your personal brand.

Do I need to be online at any specific time?

No, this course is designed for you to do at your convenience! Simply hop on and login whenever you have the time!

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You will also get:

BONUS ONE: A Mini Business Makeover Assessment to use in the future when you need to identify where to go next ($15 Value!)

BONUS TWO: My book “30 Ways to Improve Your Wedding and Portrait Photography” ($20 Value!)

BONUS THREE: An EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group for collaborating with other Bold Creatives!

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