BTBY Friends for Healthy Living (free)


My name is Bonnie from Be the Best You. This is a weight loss support group for those interested in meeting online weekly to give and get support from others who are on their own weight loss journeys. Support is invaluable and for those who aren't able to get out and go to an actual meeting for an established group, or simply don't want to, this is a great alternative.

All five of November's Get Togethers are FREE. Next month we will start paid monthly memberships so now is your time to try this support group out without any type of fianancial or other commitment.

You come to as many Get Togethers as you want to. If you don't come, that's okay. We all understand that we all have busy lives and things come up. This month is about finding out if you like this support group, and figuring out what will work best for all of us in terms of accountability and support.

My promise to you is that I will be here for every meeting myself as I have made a commitment to all who decide to attend these meetings to be here and help guide you. In the case that I'm truly not able to due to an emergency or otherwise, I will let you know well ahead of time. However, you all are still welcome to meet in that situation.

Other than advice, support, and accountability, some things we will try out that are optional:

  • Virtual weigh-ins
  • Reporting food/water intake
  • Reporting exercise

A little about me: I have been living a healthier life for a year and a half and have so far lost 120+ pounds. I still have 40 pounds or so to lose but am still moving forward at a steady rate. Sometimes slower than others, life loves to get in the way, but I will never give up. I started Be the Best You as a way to motivate and help others do the same. We should all strive to be the best us.