Kamau Care Meditative Series - "Truly Me"

The "Truly Me"- Kamau Care Meditative Series  Is Here!

This is the first in a line of  several audio series about  living well and having positive emotional resiliency.

These courses are created at a very affordable price for your convenience, since there will be several more.

Kamau Care's mission is to:

"Assist people in living empowered lives  by the reduction of stress, frustration and negativity by coming into greater awareness of  what personal and emotional resiliency  looks like in their everyday lives!"

Included in this audio series is:

1. Knowing My Values by Reviewing what's important to Me!"

2. A Values Exercise

3. Self Awareness

4. My Relationship with Rest

5. "Three Reasons why You Should Know Yourself."

6. Self reflection a Life Saver.

7.Thoughts from My personal Journal on Gratefulness.