Herbal Freedom School Fall Session (Part 1)

School of Liberatory Medicine

Herbal Freedom School

If you have been hungering for a liberatory, decolonial, intersectional perspective on modern western herbalism plant medicine that centers the voices of indigenous, black, brown, queer, trans and gender non-conforming folks, then this is the space for you. We will draw on themes from the resource guides Partnering with Plants and Queering Herbalism volume 1 to paint a more inclusive (and more accurate) portrait of our herbal legacy.

During the Fall Session, Part 1 of the full 12-week Herbal Freedom School Program we will discuss:

  • the affects of colonization and colonialism on our healing legacies and within "modern western herbalism".
  • colonial views on healing and the separation of spirituality from our healing practices.

We will also:

In Part 1 (Fall Session)

  • define health, healing and medicine for ourself.
  • define liberatory medicine and liberation for ourself.
  • discuss legacies of black and brown healing and health justice.
  • Look at our definition of "healer" and the long legacy of queer, trans, two-spirit and gender non-conforming healers in our traditions.
  • Look at different black and brown ancestral healing traditions while furthering our connections to our own ancestral traditions.

In Part 2 (Winter Session)

  •  Discuss the roles of plants in ceremony and ritual like banos espirituales/spiritual baths and temazcal.
  • Connect with our intuition and practice basic medicine making at home.
  • Talk about historical and collective trauma
  • Learn strategies to heal from trauma, depression, anxiety and stress.

And all with an intersectional focus. Throughout we will discuss race and ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and how all intersect with access to food, environmental and economic justice, and health and healing justice.

This is the first part of the program where we will discuss liberatory medicine, decolonial health and healing and ancestral healing traditions.

** For those enrolling in the 2nd Fall Session, remember that your session is self-paced. There will be no online/teleconference sessions and the comment sections will be closed. There will be online discussion forums where you can connect with others in your session through this website and the facebook Fall Session group.