~Learn Punch Needle Embroidery With Doreen Frost~

~Punch Needle Embroidery With Doreen Frost~


Thank You So Much For Your Interest In Taking My Online Punch Needle Class.

My name is Doreen Frost & I am a designer and teacher of Punch Needle Embroidery. Over the past several years I have given workshops & classes, here in our Vermont home & throughout New England. After many requests, from customers and friends, unable to travel to New England for an in-person workshop, I decided to put together an online Punch Needle class.

Punch Needle is a form of embroidery, worked with a special tool called a Punch Needle that creates loops on the front of the fabric. It is often called "Thread Painting" due to the wonderful detail you are able to create..much like you can with a painting. The actual technique of punch needle is closely related to rug hooking but the fineness of it's appearance, and greater detail, is more appropriately described as embroidery.

**LEARNING PUNCH NEEDLE EMBROIDERY WITH DOREEN FROST...Is An online workshop covering absolutely everything you need to know to become skilled in the art of punch needle embroidery right at your fingertips, on your schedule. Where your pajamas if you one will see you.

Once enrolled ~ you can get started anytime you wish.  

This class is not a quick is detail, detail, detail.   It will be as if you are right here, in our Vermont home, taking an in~person class. Of course, I won't be able to provide the homemade baked goods and gourmet lunch, that I serve for my in~home workshops but... everything else will be exactly the same :) In fact, we are not usually able to completely finish a project during one of my in~home workshops (folks, of course, go home with the knowledge to do so)but... with an online class we'll finish the project together :).

The class is packed full of step by step instructional video's, written instructions, full color photo's, downloadable pdf's, valuable information,  knowledge and...FUN :~)

I will share with you my personal knowledge and way of doing things..why I do things the way I do, and how I create the look I achieve with my punching.

Tho, I am not here live during the class...I am always reachable.  I've created a special section for questions,  where you can feel free to ask for help and there is also a contact section, here on Coursecraft where you can contact me privately.  I have also created a special private group on Facebook just for class participants where we can all visit, share and socialize.  If you are taking the class I encourage you to join Facebook, if you are not there already, so I can add you to our group.  If you are not (and do not wish to) worries..we can visit here on Coursecraft.

You will have two finishing options (or chose to make's up to you)

A Decorative Box ~ perfect for your sewing needful/supplies, special trinkets and memento's or gifting to someone dear


A Wool Applique Table Mat~ with decorative accents, done in lovely coordinating colors.

Whichever one you chose, we will cover all the steps needed so when you are done, you will have a lovely, hand made treasure you will cherish for many years

**Feel Free to view the "Lesson List" so you may see all the wonderful things we will cover.

**You'll need to register for's free. Just follow the instructions once you click on "Enroll"

**ALL Supplies for our class can be purchased online..I will give you sources with the supply list.

~Won't You Join Us~

Welcome & Introductions
~Meet & Greet~
~Questions, Comments, Share~
~Additions, Help, Advice~
~Punch Needle Workshop~
~Gathering Our Supplies~
~Goode Things To Know~
~A Little Preview~
~An Introduction To Punch Needle Embroidery~
~Summer Tulips Written Pattern & Template~
~Friday, June 24th..class is LIVE~
~Transferring Our Design~
~Placing Our Design In THE HOOP~
~Threading The Needle~
~Let's Get Punching~
~Punching The Background~
~Before We Leave The Hoop~
~Painting,Sanding & Waxing The Box~
~Finishing Our Punched Piece~
~Wool Applique Finish~
~Share Your Finishes~
~Finished Photos~

Don't miss out
It's the best course ever

Do I need to have done Punch Needle Embroidery or other embroidery before?

NO...:) I will cover absolutely everything in class so there is no need for you to have any experience at all.

What If I am familiar with Punch Needle embroidery and have experience. Will I still benefit from the class?

ABSOLUTELY :). There are many different ways of doing punch needle embroidery and my way may be different from how you were taught. I encourage you to take the class if you would like to hone your skills, learn my specific way of punching or perhaps would just like to join in the fun of an online class and make one of the finished pieces (or both) :)

Do I have to use a Morgan Locking Lip Hoop? are welcome to use another brand of hoop as long as it has a LOCKING LIP. **In my experience, the Morgan hoops are the best at ensuring your weavers cloth is absolutely drum tight.

You may also use a rug hooking frame that will allow you to pull the weavers cloth drum tight.

DO I have to use Valdani Floss?

Certainly not... You are welcome to use another type of floss however, keep in mind that your end result will differ from mine as floss size/type really do make a difference in appearance and final product. **Valdani is my floss of choice (The Variegated Pearl Cotton, size 8) and to get the full benefits of the class (and similar end result) I highly suggest you use the Valdani. I promise you will LOVE it!