Transforming Your Shadow Self

Shadow Work is a very empowering journey into yourself and healing the wounds. We are all dysfunctional and have patterns and unresolved issues. 

By doing this course, you will find out what they are and heal them on a journey to wholeness. This course is very unique in that you get much more than just course work. I will also be including a life coaching session to help you in your journey. You will also receive a past life regression. Some of our issues have a root issue carried over from many lifetimes ago that never healed. And you will also receive an ancestral lines clearing as some issues are generational that get passed down through the generations.

This is a very detailed course that empowers and heals on all levels.

Listen to the audio below as part of a free lesson. Pay attention to any emotions that come up and what thoughts occur. 

The greatest gift that you can give yourself is your own healing and empowerment. Ask yourself what holds you back? Do you have any trepidation? Are you willing to let me a guide with you on your journey?

This is my passion and I would sincerely be honored. The list of contents is listed below to see what the lessons are.

Lesson 1- Meet The Initiator
Lesson 2- Gifts of the Masks and Shadows
Lesson 3- The Wounded King/ Queen
Lesson 4- Discovering your Original Wound and Soul Retrieval
Lesson 5- How to let your Shadows Empower You
Lesson 6- Past Life Regression to find a root cause of a Shadow
Lesson 7- Finding the Ancestral Line root cause of a Shadow
Lesson 8- Coaching Session.
Lesson 9- How to use your Shadow as Your Purpose in Life

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