Essential Oils & Herbs 101

Welcome to my brand new class - Essential Oils & Herbs 101. It is a FREE class and is designed to help you feel confident using natural ways to help support your family's health, improve your home, and change the way you live! After your complete this course, you are welcome to take part in our more advanced classes so that you can learn the science behind these things as well as become more skilled at safely and effectively incorporating them into your life.

This brand new class will cover:

- What oils and herbs are

- Industry standards for choosing a supplier

- Industry standards for safety

- How and why they work

- What can these things help with?

- How and when to use them

- Profiles of single plants and oil blends

- Special deals on starting your own essential oils kit for your family

- How to attend advanced learning classes for free

- How to get a free wellness consultation ($40 value)

- How to get a free class on YOUR topic of choice

Essential Oils & Herbs 101 is created and taught by Rachel Giles. She has a B.S. in recreation therapy and psychology, is certified as a birth and bereavement doula, worked many years as a paramedic with critical care level certification, and has studied herbalism and natural medicine for the last few years. 

Rachel currently owns which is a holistic wellness business specializing in traditional postpartum care at

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