Diamonds 💎 In You: Gems of Truth for Recognizing Your Worth as God's True Jewel.

Are you read for this journey?


HOW DO I know?

Because I once thought I was just "alright"or average - until I tapped into MY FULL POTENTIAL TO BLOOM! It was then, I took on an amazing &  resilient spirit and recognized I was MUCH MORE THAN "alright".

I learned this by taking  the time to get to know myself better, and when I did, I began to thrive in such a way I saw results of my potential and began to LIVE my dreams! This  course will teach you how to get  to know and value yourself  and become more acquainted with yourself  via concepts of self-actualization .

 Resiliency  comes from nurturing your Spiritual Self within, and here in this introductory course, I have a  few "gems"to help you  spiritually thrive! If you like this course, stay tuned for **BONUS** course and (eventual workbook)  that will help you  glean and develop more  self actualization in your life. 

In this course you will:

Receive a one on one session of coaching By ME, to  get you acclimated to THIS COURSE!

 I. Recognize Your Relationship With Rest - And determine how to cultivate it in order to able to  cultivate an inner awareness of  how  greater rest helps you to develop greater potential.

II. Recognize Your Relationship With Your Worth - Recognize where worth comes from, how it  completes you and makes you  more self-assured and helps you walk with greater confidence.

III. Recognize How to Practice Receiving - And begin to  walk i n your present truth"; and  come into a greater awareness of  what you need to declare and welcome more of these same truths, into your life.

IV. Recognize How to Practice Releasing - And begin to treasure new ways of  pruning unnecessary  untruths out of your life, and making room for more!

V. Recognize  How to  Practice  Better Self  Identity -  And its strength  and usefulness in your life; and implement its processes  into your  lifestyle, so you are content  and conscious  about esteem principles, regularly. 

VI.  Recognize  How to Practice Better  Values & Self Worth - 

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This  online course comes as a **FULL** coaching package for an online  one on one sessions  rate  for $55.00,  if you desire the  entire package.   In  this course,  you will have an interactive experience you will gain much from.

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