Mindfulness at Work: a 21 Day Online Program

Hello! :-) I'm THRILLED to have you here.

Do you know what Google, Intel, General Mills, the World Economic Forum and many other big corporates have in common? They all have Mindfulness programs in place to foster mindful practices among their workers.

Are you wondering whether this program is for you? Ask yourself one simple question:

Is my mind full, or am I mindful?

I used to work for big companies, such as P&G and Interbrand as an expat in Switzerland. I know how tough it was for me back then to settle into a new demanding job and to get along with colleagues and my bosses.

I wish I had the tools I have now back then...

  • I constantly felt overwhelmed
  • I didn't know how to cope with stress, disappointment or anger
  • I didn't know how to deal with the constant pressure
  • I didn't know how to manage my energy levels
  • I dreaded getting up in the morning
  • I was anxious about my future
  • I couldn't stand working in an open space, noisy office

Just to mention a few things I was feeling on a daily basis.

Once I was completely burned out and disillusioned I embarked on a journey to get to know myself better. Through meditation and other energy therapies, such as Reiki and EFT I found out that I have a completely different life path than I had assumed until then. I discovered I was meant to help people, empower people to help themselves. And this is what I do nowadays. :-)

Now, running my own business isn't easy either - I still need to maintain that work/life balance and I do so by meditating, taking care of my needs, listening to my body, working on my energy levels etc.

What if you could learn EASY to implement mindfulness tools that would help you to:
  • manage your stress levels, your emotions, your thought processes
  • have a positive impact on your brain (you will learn what research has to say about that)
  • be in the present moment more often
  • be kinder towards yourself and others
  • energise yourself whenever you need it
  • have a more mindful morning routine
  • have easy to implement mindfulness techniques that only take a few minutes and that you can use while at work
  • learn how to meditate by listening to my recorded guided meditation
  • learn effective breathing techniques
  • sleep better and combat insomnia

Each day you will receive an email that contains recorded meditations, mindfulness exercises or journaling prompts. 

Interested? Let's start! :-)

Day 1
What is Mindfulness?
Day 2
Benefits of Mindfulness
Day 3
What is stress?
Day 4
Mindful breathing exercise to start your day
Day 5
Energising meditation & morning Mindfulness exercise
Day 6
Breathing Space Meditation & Journal
Day 7
Mindfulness at Work & Body Scan Meditation
Day 8
The mindful minute
Day 9
Mindfulness Exercise: Sitting tall
Day 10
Mindfulness Exercise: Walking to walk
Day 11
Mindfulness at work: catching vibes
Day 12
Mindfulness at work: the tyranny of perfectionism
Day 13
Mindfulness at work: Mindful listening
Day 14
Mindfulness at Work: Acts of Kindness
Day 15
Mindfulness after work: Loving Kindness Meditation
Day 16
Mindfulness after Work: Mindful journey on your way back home
Day 17
Mindfulness after Work: The Lake Meditation
Day 18
Mindfulness after Work: Sitting with Upset
Day 19
Mindfulness after work: sitting with upset
Day 20
Mindfulness to sleep better: meditation
Day 21
Mindfulness to sleep better: Deep Sleep