Crazy Colorful Cityscapes By Robin Mead

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Hey Ya'll..Welcome to my class "Crazy Colorful Cityscapes"..In this class I will provide lessons to make 4 different style cityscapes. These will inlcude Collage, Line Design, Paint on Canvas, and Eraser Stamp Cities.I will show you step by step how I design and build my cityscapes and offer suggestions on how to incorporate your own ideas while using techniques from the class. A few of my Fav Cityscapes

1. For this class you will need high speed internet to  view the videos

2.The class has no end date and you can access it indefinitely. You can go at your own pace and do not need to keep up with others.

3. This class is suitable for beginners and those with more experience as well

4. You can purchase the supplies that I suggest or use your own ideas as  needed.  I try to use affordable supplies and tools that you can find around the house as well.Those listed with links are  what I am using in this class but you can use or buy what you like.  For instance I use Winsor and Newton cake watercolor, but you can use or buy whatever brand you like. Results will vary depending on how much you spend and which brand you use.  I use what I have listed because I love the vibrant colors that are achieved with these supplies. If you are on a budget..or are working in a journal it is not as important to have the higher quality supplies. What I use here  has lightfast and archival qualities which means they last over time and do not fade as easy in sunlight.

5. Sorry there are no refunds on purchase of an online course.

Supply List..

Most of this list is suggestion..any paints inks or permanent markers you have will be perfect. You can also use any heavy paper..I use watercolor paper always..but some prefer other styles..use what you like and what you may have on hand. 

Kneaded eraser

Assorted erasers

Lino Safety Cutting Tool

Strathmore watercolor paper.(9 x 12 or larger..I like to get the largest and cut it myself, to the size I need..I buy the 24 x 18 size usually and then just cut as needed)

12 x 12 inch canvas (this link is for a pack of only need 1)

Sharpie Markers

Permanent ink pad (one or more colors depending on what you will use..I also use acrylic paint or craft paint with my eraser stamps so you can buy this if you want but you dont have to)

Craft Paint

Golden acrylics

White acrylic paint


Assorted Palette Knives

Assorted Brushes or Sponges

Assorted Inks in dropper bottles

Liquid Watercolor Dr Ph Martin

Winsor and Newton Watercolor set (small)

Glue Stick

Scraps of paper either  from newspapers, wrapping paper, scrapbook papers, painted pages that you may have leftover, gelli pages...doodled on papers or any other papers for collage.

And Any supplies you have or love to use…try using different tools with different supplies to get new and interesting effects..for example liquid watercolor with a brayer…leaves a very cool effect..try something new each time..:)

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