Crowd to Cloud: Phase I - Plan Your Course

So you are an expert in your field and have been teaching your techniques using a face-to-face format to deliver your material. However, you realize that in order to expand your reach you need to move your course to an online format. There is just one problem - you have no idea how or where to start! 

Well you have come to the right place. This course series will take you from Teaching to a Crowd to Teaching in the Cloud in 4 Phases. Phase I is all about planning your course on paper. I will break down the process from beginning to end so that you can have your new online course up and running in no time. 

Take a look at the course overview below to see what will be covered in more detail. Once you are ready to get started, click Enroll. Happy Learning :)

Getting Started
Course Overview
Documents, File Structure, & Naming Conventions
Phase I Checklist
Phase I - Plan Your Course
Lesson 1 - Course Outline
Lesson 2 - Learning Goals and Objectives
Lesson 3 - What to Keep, Toss, or Create
Lesson 4 - Content Alignment
Phase I Wrap-Up

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