Essentia of Crown Witchcraft - March 2018 Intensive

26 lessons. 

6 weeks.

That's all that stands between you and magic. 

Essentia of Crown Witchcraft

  A secular witchcraft 101 course for witchlings & old hats alike.

March 2018 Intensive

There are thousands, if not millions, of ways to practice magic. No one way is right. 

This intensive course is designed to build a foundation for your magical practice. It's here to give you the essential knowledge you need to start off on the right foot, empowering you to build a strong, powerful magical practice for yourself. 

Great for beginner witchlings and pro old hat witches alike, this course can give you a helping hand to establish or boost your magical practice. Taught with a secular view of magic, it's here to help you balance your skills and create a magical practice for YOU.

What's included:

26 lessons, 3 a week for 6 weeks

50+ page workbook PDF

3+ videos

5+ audio files

25+ spells exclusively written for this course

100+ divination spreads

A 60 minute 1-on-1 guidance session after the course

Facebook community where we can chat, ask questions, & experiment together.

Plus, access to me for support and guidance the whole way

Other spontaneous goodies

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Theory is good but practical skills are better. This course will give you the knowledge you need to stand out and create even more powerful spells and magic. 

- Create a magical practice & style that suits you - 

- Know how to separate or combine your magical practice & religious or spiritual beliefs - 

- Read, understand, adapt, & cast any spell you can find - 

- Write spells to suit your purpose & style - 

- Make a candle, magic circle, cleansing potion, & many other practical tools - 

- Contact spirits & astral travel in a secular manner - 

- Confidently engage in the magical community - 

- Recognize problematic issues & avoid them - 

- Know where to go & what you want to do with your magical practice - 

This course is for you if you...

Are a beginner or want to start - a witchling!

Are a magical practitioner - an old hat -looking to shore up their knowledge base or explore a new style of magic.

Want to study modern witchcraft without selecting a specific path to follow

Wish to explore secular witchcraft

Are willing to undertake an intense course that could change your life.

This is an intensive - meaning that this course throws a lot of information at once. Three different topics a week will be covered, probably requiring about a half an hour each.

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Your syllabus: 

Your lessons include everything you need to have a balanced magical practice. Your included workbook is your companion as you begin a magical journey to a new you.

Each week, three of the following topics will be tackled, giving you new knowledge, skills, and activities to try every week. And spells. Oodles of spells. 

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Is this for beginners only?

No. All magical practitioners can learn something from this course. It helps balance your skills and can show you a different way of doing magic.

Is this Wiccan or some other pagan path based?

No, it's secular. This means that you can be any religion and still practice this style of magic. Religion and secular witchcraft are exclusive of one another.

You can apply the knowledge shared in this course within your own religious or spiritual path. How to do that will be covered in this course.

What do I need to start this course?

Coursecraft account (allowing you to access the course)

PDF reader

Open mind

Audio & video player (like adobe or a cell phone with internet accessibility)

How long does each lesson take? How much time to I need to devote a week?

Some classes are short, only twenty minutes long and some will take over an hour.

You may find that you spend three or more hours a week on the course. It depends on the pace you want to go at and your familiarity with the material.

How inclusive is this course?

Everyone can join this course. Women, men, trans, non-binary, gender fluid, and anyone else are welcome.

Gender equality and neutrality is the gold standard at This Crooked Crown. LGBTQA inclusive, sexuality, gender, and pronouns are not assumed until you specify otherwise.

Will this course be offered again?


There are two variations of this course. The Intensive, which is 6 weeks and the Halcyon, which is 6 months. Same course, just split up differently and held at different times.

However, class sign ups are few and far between. Each course is slightly different. Different live calls, different demos, and often different additional goodies. Don't wait to sign up for the class if you're interested. It could be months or even years before the course is open again.

What kind of payment plans are offered? Do you offer refunds?

Payment can be done in three ways: Paypal, Stripe, or in-person.

Refunds are allowed only 7 days after the course begins. You can get a full refund for any reason, but your access to the course will be revoked at the same time the refund is issued.

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Your teacher

Samantha L. Davidson, Rev.   |   This Crooked Crown

My name's Samantha and I've been a witch for over twenty years. Fascinated by mythology, folklore, and fairy tales, I discovered witchcraft at nine years old and never left it. I've been a secular witch for most of those years. 

Today I'm a professional witch, tarot card reader & seer, spirit worker, and author.  I specialized in folklore and secular, practical magic. A scholar at heart, I've studied archaeology, anthropology, mythology, and folklore on a professional, academic level. I've taught both witchcraft and theatre for ten years. 

Sharing stories, knowledge, and magic is my passion. I love witchcraft. It's something I adore doing. I have so many stories and so much knowledge to share. I hope that this course will allow you to see the world as I do: full of boundless stories, limitless knowledge, and endless magic. 

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