Healing School w/ Bonus Workshop

Do you desire to see God’s healing power active in your life? Many people believe in divine healing but feel like it is some far off fairy tale. But the truth is Jesus is healing people today, just as when He walked the earth many years ago. And He wants to do it through you!

In this video training series you will get equipped to pray for the sick and see them healed. Matt Sorger and Steve and Rene Springer will you guide through the Biblical truths that will build your faith and help you see healing miracles in your life. They will lay solid foundation of scripture to help you walk in divine health and healing the rest of your life.

This online training school contains review questions and an activation time, where you will listen to Holy Spirit, allowing Him to bring the truths deep into your spirit, and an activation prayer to fully release the anointing into your life. 

Course Session’s Include:

Session 1: Living in God’s Glory
Session 2: Biblical Foundations for Healing
Session 3: Growing in Spiritual Authority
Session 4: How The Soul Affects the Body
Session 5: Divine Fusion
Session 6: Atmospheric Healing
Session 7: Entering Sabbath Rest

Bonus Healing Workshop
This online Healing School also includes a 4 session bonus Healing Workshop. In it Matt Sorger and Steven and Rene Springer give you anointed teaching and practical advice from years of experience operating in a healing and miracle ministry. This is where the rubber meets the road. Experience the presence and power of God in a new way as you learn how to operate in the miraculous.