You Have An Email List: Now What?

I know that as a new blogger you may be thinking, why do I need an email list, especially when you are in the beginning stages of your blog. If I was starting my blog right now I would make sure that I had an email list before I focused on anything else, including a blog. There is so much power in an email list and if you don’t understand that early in the game, you may be setting yourself up for failure. 

This webinar will help you develop a marketing strategy for your email list that will keep your subscribers engaged while you continue to grow your list.

What will you learn:

  • The first three things that you should do when building an email list.
  • Best practices and tips for maintaining an email list.
  • What types of emails/newsletters that you should be sending your subscribers.
  • Creative Ideas for your email list that will promote action and sales.
  • How to develop a marketing strategy for your email list, so that you can retain your subscribers and keep growing.
  • How often you should email your list.