Find Your Voice Webinar

What Is Finding Your Voice?

Are you having trouble growing your blog and identifying your audience?  I have had the same feelings in the process of growing my own blog.  It is always a journey trying to find your voice and develop your brand as a blogger.  It can be difficult trying to identify how your blog is different from others, and how transparent and authentic you should be online with your audience.  I spent a couple of years very unsure about what my blog voice was and if I truly wanted to share it with the world. It can be frightening to reveal your authentic self to others, but if you want people to care about your blog, you need a clear vision for your blog.  I know that you have great ideas and a passion to blog, but "What is your blogging voice?" In order to grow your platform and earn from your skills, you must have a strong online presence. 

It is time to become confident and develop your authentic blogging voice.  

How does this webinar work?

  • You will have access to this webinar via video replay.
  • You will receive a link to download a mini-ebook that covers all the content that was taught during the webinar, as well as some activities for you to complete.

What Will You Learn:

  •  Identify how to find your online voice
  • How to use your voice to identify your target audience
  • How to sell using your unique personality
  • Learn how to identify your audience while staying true to your voice
  • Learn how to display your voice in writing
  • Identify your passion and focus
  • Analyze other blogs within your niche and learn what makes you unique

It is time to step out of the shadows of other blogs and become confident about your voice so that you can grow your own audience.  This webinar will help you do that! 

Find Your Voice Live Webinar
Find Your Voice E-book

Do I need a blog to take this class?

No, this class is for anyone who is trying to develop an effective online presence for business or blogging.

What do I need to take for this webinar?

You will need access to high-speed internet to participate with the webinar.