Copy the ELATE Program


You are about to receive the whole ELATE METHOD to implement in your coaching together with the session guides that will show you exactly what to say each session and what materials to use. There is no more reason to dread the upcoming sessions, now you will have it all!

(And alone knowing what to do with your clients will give you such confidence that radiates to your prospective clients and get them intrigued to learn more!)

Here is what you get:

1   The Elate Method – the science behind the “Synergistic Diet” including the 4 elements. content explained in an easy way, which you can use to explain your method to your clients.

2   The 10 Actionable Steps that will help you analyze a food diary and give actionable steps to your clients each session.

3 The Secret Script of what you will say and ask during each session in a step-by-step way so that you can feel the relief of knowing exactly what you’ll do every time you meet a client, either for the first time or during the last session.

4 The Handouts For You To Use during your coaching starting from the essentials of health history to the details of how to successfully take notes from your sessions and  that help your clients open up to you and share more without you having to ask all the questions.

5 For your clients you will get the ELATE Guides and ELATE Journal, to make the change easy.

6 BONUS 1: You will receive a presentation “Why Diets Fail”  » to be used as a basis for talks, webinars, newsletters to attrack clients to your program.

7 BONUS 2: You will get my 7-step system how to analyse a food diary to help your clients reach their goals

Let's start making a difference!