Ever Evolving Online Business MYCASHSTASH.ROCKS

HI I'm Shanni Shaner, Mastermind Momma of Shaner Gurus  and I'm the financial concierge of our family, the breadwinner, and financial profiles manager, CFO of our world! We are the owners of My Cash Stash, a community we've had for a while that we are going to be launching this year.

Just over 1 year ago, I had to teach my new hubby Kyle (whom I married in March 2018) how to not be a slave to the grind of a dead end job and command respect for himself, and proved to him that making an income online is totally possible. We've used apps, and started investments and started even knocking off 1/2 of our cell phone bill every month by using apps and the resources we were given. We mostly recommend Netspend and Stash. Our family thinks we're nuts, which we're not, we're simply liberated from the flawed old programming of the old "work/paybills/life'sabi&&&thenyoudie" mindset. All I had to do with Kyle, was show him the results, and they speak for themselves, and he's now become a reformed believer since then. We can totally do the same for you! 

We will keep it as brief and easy as possibly so you can start now, and see how easy it is, because the sooner we start (us and you), the sooner, we earn and can shift from wtf? to Welll then, HEY! HELLO BEAUTIFUL CASH FLOW where we're not dripping in and drowning in debt all the time or exhausting our funding.

Now before we start, it's helpful to you to sign up for our launch event so we can get to know you better and get a better idea of what your needs are, its free too and if you want to gain a better insight and advantage to the next level, its a helpful piece of the overall puzzle.

Ready to start? Okay! Let's get started!