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This is the introductory course for the Crown Witch Path of practicing witchcraft. The Crown Witch Path is a method of practicing witchcraft as taught by Rev. Samantha L. Davidson, also known as This Crooked Crown. It is a mix of practical secular witchcraft, animism, spirit walking, and divination, this is an introduction to the up and coming courses featuring this path. 

This is not the lessons in and of themselves. This is an introduction to how my style of witchcraft works and what this path of witchcraft is like. Think of this course like a really big pamphlet! By the end of the course you'll know a lot more about my style of witchcraft and whether or not it's right for you.

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What is Magic?
Paradigm Discussion
How Do Spells Work?
History and Sources
"It's All (Witch) Bullshit"
Last Words

Can anyone be a witch and/or take these lessons?

Yes! While some witchcraft practices are specific, the Crown Witch Path is open to everyone regardless of age, sex, gender, sexuality, nationality, and religion.

I am completely against transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, cultural appropriation, elitism, ageism, misogyny, curse-shaming, and a whole host of other -isms. I believe that people have their right to their own cultures without others stealing from it and I believe that people have the right to live their lives as they see fit so long as they aren't hurting anyone. All are welcome here.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! It's free!

This is an information course so this entire course is free. In fact, the first three lessons are available to you before you even enroll.

Future courses will vary in price depending on content.

How long does this course take?

12 days. The first two lessons are available without enrollment and, after enrollment, a lesson is available to you every three days after the date you enroll.

How are the courses and lessons written?

Courses are generally offered by topic rather than skill level and the number of lessons per course will vary.

I'm a wordy sort so there's going to be a lot of words. However, there will also be videos, audio, photos, and even some downloadables. There may "homework", depending on the lesson.

There's a lot of jargon and concepts to learn in witchcraft so I've broken it down so it should be understandable and relatable for everyone. Commonly, examples and comparisons will be made from pop culture such as manga, books, video games, and TV shows in addition to classical or obscure occult texts, depending on the material in question. All material will be cited accordingly.

What kind of experience or prerequisites are there? Is there an age limit?


This is merely an informational course designed specifically to give details of what my particular style of witchcraft is like. It's to help you choose whether this is the right style for you.

18+. However, lessons are available to students as young as 15 with parents' signed and informed permission. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and sit in on one out of every third lesson just to see what their child is learning. This will be handled on an individual basis so please contact me for details.

What language is this course written in? What style of writing?


Because I write in a casual point of view, please note that there will be strong language used. This is the same kind of language that you'll hear watching the latest crime show. I do try to keep it to a minimum but fair's fair and a warning is deserved.

Is this for beginners or advance practitioners? Is this course for a solitary practitioner or is it group oriented?

This is for everyone. Advanced practitioners may find merit in seeing what another practitioner does, even if only for education purposes. Beginners will find that this course jumps right into what Crown witchcraft is without messing around.

I'm a solitary practitioner so it's set up for each individual to explore and learn on their own. However, pairs or groups of people may find the course material fun to explore together. Some future courses may involve more group work than others, depending on the material.

Is this course accredited? Do you get a certificate? What do you get out of this course?

This course isn't accredited and you don't get a certification. Think of this like an extended pamphlet to future courses. What you get out of this course is information on my style of witchcraft to decide whether future courses are your style and worth pursuing.

Future courses will also not be accredited. You do get a fancy certificate at the end though if you care for such things and you're part of the lineage which is something cool-sounding but pretty much means that I'm your teacher and you learned stuff. As to what you learned, that will depend on the course you take but hopefully you've mastered the material presented and learned some new skills.

That's it! Those are my words to start. I have a lot of words so here's to hoping you won't be bored. Still interested? Then click that button over there to enroll!

- Rev. Samantha L. Davidson

This Crooked Crown

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