Who teaches you how to study?

Have you ever stopped to think that we spend on average 5% of our waking life studying in order to find a job we’ll enjoy? And then, once we’ve found a suitable job, we spend 13% of our waking life working.

So, doesn’t it seem crazy … that no one actually teaches us how to study or work.

We develop habits – good and bad – and we study and work the only way we know how, but in most cases that isn’t the most productive or effective way. 

How do I know this? The minute I adopted my Dad's study techniques I quickly realised how inefficient I had been previously with my studying.

Study skills. Who taught you yours?
We have a story to tell you...

This is me (Binny) and my Dad (Chris) in 1990. He's a pretty cool Dad, he taught me everything that's in this eCourse (and then some). 

You see, Dad struggled at secondary school (not unlike many students today). 
He failed Year 11 English and scraped through Year 12 with a compensatory pass back in the 1960s. Things weren't looking so good for him.

Luckily he identified a gap in his skills. No one had taught him how to study effectively. 

Today he is a successful author, businessman, former chief executive to a leading commercial property firm and the founder of a private consulting business and property investment eLearning portal. 

So, what happened?
How did he get from just managing to finish high school to where he is now?

He discovered the secret to studying... (go Dad!)

On his own (through research and observation) he developed a simple, practical and effective method for studying and setting goals and he put that method into practise. 

And, guess what? It worked. 

Let's become study buddies...
Join the course now and we can get to it.

So, you're wondering about me?

This is me. All grown up now (with a husband and two young girls). 
Apart from my admirable skills in the kitchen, creative flare and quirky sense of humour, I also have loads of experience when it comes to studying: 

- finishing secondary school as an A Grade student, 
- securing my undergraduate Degree in Marketing with distinction, and 
- completing a Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation with distinction (whilst working full-time)
- more recently undertaking studies in Strategic Foresight, Positive Psychology and becoming a Gallup certified Strengths Coach.

I wasn't struggling to pass subjects at school like Dad. But I was trying to fit a lot in to my days (mornings and nights!). 

Playing 3-4 sports at any one time and training with the State Waterpolo team, as a teenager, was demanding on my time. If I wasn't careful my marks were going to suffer. 

Dad's method helped me avoid the overwhelm, become more organised and study effectively.

I've since gone on to have a successful corporate career in digital marketing. Held senior positions for some of Australia's biggest brands, and now working for myself as a consultant to small businesses (with Of Kin) and here inspiring students through The Inkling Effect.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no super-brain. I had to work for my marks. 

My secret? I mastered Dad's method. I learned how to study effectively. 

No more wasted time or energy.

Playing State level competitive sport at school was important to me, training morning and night most days. I was social and enjoyed spending time with my friends - I wanted to fit it all in, with no regrets. Dad's methods allowed me to do that.

Did I mention we've also written a best selling book detailing Dad's study method? More about that later!

Between the two of us, we've got bucket-loads of knowledge and experience about how to study, and we're dying to share it with you!

No more struggling with your studies.
This course will change your life.

Yes, we're best selling authors too

When I adopted Dad's techniques in high school we realised they really did work. Dad's success wasn't a fluke, the method could be applied to any student.

Realising this, we felt compelled to share what we knew with more students. Naturally, we wrote a book together! (as you do when you're a teenager!)

In 1990, when I was just 16 years old, my dad and I published Your Future Success – a book that offered students access to Dad's method, tips and skills to study successfully.

A toolkit that would help every student fill the gap.

It focussed on the unique and simple solutions Dad had developed when he was in secondary school (reviewed and tweaked by me).

Covering goal setting, time management, revision, tackling exams. Everything that helped him get closer to discovering and working towards his dream career.

The book was hugely successful, we were interviewed on radio stations all over Australia, featured in leading newspapers and had live appearances on national TV.

It was a whole lot of awesome to be able to share these life-changing tools and tips that had been useful to both of us at school and university.

A digital upgrade

In 2015, I felt compelled to revisit this book (so much has changed since then – the invention of the internet and prevalence of mobiles and social media, to name a few!). 

I was already developing and launching eCourses as a consultant to small businesses. These courses focussed on digital marketing, social media, productivity, time management, wellbeing, happiness, planning and priorities for small business. Why not provide digital access to our studying method for students too?

This was my chance to gather my insights and experience as a lifelong learner to continue to help and inspire students to succeed... 25 years after our book was published.

I re-wrote our book from the 1990's, and relaunched it as Study Skills Playbook. 

Including chapters on managing digital distractions, mindfulness, overcoming procrastination, the importance of exercise & sleep and heaps of great websites, apps and tools available.

I released it on Amazon in August 2015 and instantly it became a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in Australia.

But I still wasn't happy.

The last thing you want as a busy student is another book to add to your reading list. Am I right? So I've taken it to the next level.

I've created a learning experience that is fun and interactive... something you'll look forward to.

Ta-da. This is it.
More than 50 years in the making.
Study Skills Playbook - The eCourse.

Learn the skills that changed our lives
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How do you fit in?

This is where you enter our story.
Up until now it's been all about Dad and me, all the students who bought our print book in the 1990's and those who downloaded our eBook in 2015.

You are about to join the next round of students to have exclusive access to Dad's unique study method, via this awesome eCourse.

This is the best version yet (can you tell I'm excited about it?)

This Study Skills eCourse is broken down into nine logical Kits, with a Resource Depot at the end. There are activities, worksheets, templates and tips throughout the eCourse.
Think of this as your own private study tutor (and cheersquad!).


Goal setting is extremely important to put study into perspective, and look at the bigger picture of why you want to do well in school.

  • What do you want to achieving in your life
  • Using your talents
  • Study options... what do you want to become?


Plan the work and work the plan. Without a study plan the time can pass with not much getting done.

  • When is the best time to study
  • How to create your own timetable
  • Setting up your workspace


With anything you are trying to master, there are usually skills that need to be practised and applied – learning how to study is no exception!

  • Listening & reading 
  • Retain & recall 
  • Thinking, memory & revision
  • Mind mapping
  • Referencing & citation
  • Being Organised


Most of us suffer from procrastination, so let’s introduce ways to overcome it, and make your study time more productive (with less digital distractions)

  • Changing the procrastination habit
  • Managing Digital Distractions
  • Introducing the Pomodoro Technique™


A combination of your text books and notes make up the bulk of your study references – this make’s effective taking notes imperative to your study success.

  • The six rules for note taking
  • Listening notes 
  • Reading notes


All of the above lessons could be deemed next to useless of you are not looking after your body. If you don’t nourish your body with sleep, good food, stillness and exercise your brain won’t function properly.

  • Sleep is Your #1 secret weapon
  • Nourish Yourself from the Inside
  • Mindfulness & meditation 
  • The Importance of exercise


Because maths is a ‘cumulative’ subject, it is vital that you understand what you are doing every step of the way. 

  • What maths is different
  • How to master maths


Of all subjects taught in your final years at school, a large percentage require writing skills. Writing, like many other skills, is one that has to be acquired, and the quality is vastly lifted by practise — heaps of practise.

  • DId you know there are two writing brains?
  • Conducting your research
  • What to include 
  • Your tone, style and jargon


Homework and ongoing study are completely different to test and exam preparation. A different plan of attack is required to maxamise your time.

  • Revision 
  • Your own study timetable
  • Insider secrets to passing the exam
  • Your plan in the exam


Links to all the apps, websites, tools and anything useful that was discussed during the eCourse.

  • Apps and tools just for you
  • Binny's glossary
  • References & further reading

Give yourself the edge this year
Our study skills can do juts that.