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Welcome to your eCourse, Successful Home Education.

It has been a long time since I wrote my first book on Homeschool and a lot has happened since its release in 2004. Now some eleven years later I thought it time to put my fingers to the keyboard once again for the benefit of all the new homeschooling parents however, this time I am keen to bring you all my experiences to you as an eCourse.

I have now finished teaching my children at home as they have all grown up, graduated from either University or Tafe, obtained jobs, three are now married with families on the way while the other two are still carving their niche out in this world, I can sit back and only wonder where the time went.

Homeschooling or Home Education has come a long way since we started homeschooling our children way back in 1988. Many new programs have come onto the market with set curricula to follow. Many homeschool mums have put together resources for you to purchase if you are not in the mood for a strict set of rules each day. There is simply so much to sieve through online that it has become a nightmare in my opinion.

A nightmare due to the fact that newbie homeschool parents are still confused as to where to start, what to buy, what to do and how to go about all of this wealth of information out there. And yes.... here I'm writing more about it! And yes.... I too write resources for you because why re-invent the wheel and do it all yourself if you can buy the bulk of it online as an instant download.

Having foolishly spent thousands of dollars over the early years of homeschooling I smartened up to it and decided to write my own. If you need a set curriculum then you will have to buy that elsewhere as I don’t provide that because I simply dislike set tasks each day where there is no flexibility for creativity or opportunity to cash in on what is happening right now!

I have also found that my children enjoyed the flexibility so much more than the rigid step by step guide each day. There are homeschoolers who enjoy this step by step approach as they can’t manage it any other way. However, I believe as you go along with your teaching career you will find yourself wanting more out of homeschooling. You will get bored and if you get bored perhaps your children are bored too. Learning is an adventure, a challenge, a discovery of life! So yes, I am writing another eCourse for you to read. More information to digest in your already jam-packed life.

However, this is not just another eCourse!

Besides information on homeschooling I am going to provide you with resources for your children. No matter if they are 5, 10 or 15 years old. Within this eCourse you will hopefully find answers to some of your questions, be entertained with a laugh and be ready with your very first resources to kick-start your homeschool career as a parent.

After 30 years of experience we would like to help you get started because we believe that your children deserve the best and we realize that it is not always easy to find the right solution. We know how difficult it is because we've been there and done it, and it wasn't easy!

So in order to help you, we have created this eCourse for you. Take the frustration out of mind boggling questions and let us help you. You won't regret joining us and the time you save trying to find solutions to certain problems will be well worth it.

Who we are:

Ingrid and Peter Griggs are a husband and wife team providing homeschool support for parents through this eCourse. This service is for parents who wish to teach their children at home; be it new comers or those who have been going for a few years and need some help along the way.

We have 30 years of experience under our belt from birth to Graduate University level. Seeing the need, and a huge gap in this type of service for homeschool families, we decided to fill this gap. We have taught our five children from scratch successfully and would like to help you achieve your homeschooling goal too.

Peter was born in 1960 in Perth Western Australia. Ingrid was born in the Netherlands in 1965. Married 1984. We have 5 children. Oldest was born in 1985, youngest was born in 1993.

In conclusion

I am not perfect therefore you may find some spelling and grammar errors in this eCourse, I’m not going to beat around the bush and claim that it will be perfect… far from it. I am also not going to spend endless months editing these pages as this would probably lead to writer’s block.

On occasion I will refer to your child as ‘he’. I have done this in order to make the text more readable but it definitely does not mean I have forgotten about the ‘female’ gender. Your daughters are just as important as your sons but reading ‘he/she’ on a regular basis can be annoying and can detract from what I am trying to say, hence the ‘he’ approach has been used.

For those who have never read my first book this will be a refreshing read with tons of information. For those who have read my first book this is an extension to my first book with more up to date information, web site links, and added resources for your children.

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