7+1 secrets for making your life easy

Highly sensitive people have the ability to think, feel and sense everything around them much deeper and with many more details.
Unfortunately as children they were not understood, not taken seriously and in many cases they were considered dysfunctional or stupid.

Family, school, friends or relatives were seeing on them someone with strange behavior, funny ideas, someone who, since they couldn't not understand, thought that he/she has problems.

Is it familiar?

This abuse, because deep inside it's an abuse (often there was real abuse, especially verbal) changed the way highly sensitives see the world, therefore their life script.

These tools are some simple ways to return to your original life's script, to allow your powers be free and enjoy your life more without being blocked by limiting beliefs or patterns.

This is a free course, in order to get to know each other. If you want more information about Highly Sensitive People, Sensitive Coaching or support for using this course, please send a message on this page

I hope you will enjoy the course, and you will if you see it as a game and as a way to have fun going slowly with it.