BodyLove eCourse

The BodyLove eCourse is a 6 week online training program that will teach you a radically new way of thinking about food and your body. The BodyLove eCourse will show you how to stop dieting for good and inspire you to create a body you love using wholefoods. 

Created by dietitians (Kathryn Hawkins and Lyndi Cohen), the BodyLove eCourse is perfect for you if you want to:

  • Create a healthier relationship with your body and food
  • Stop obsessing over calories and the number on the scales
  • Make healthier food choices more naturally
  • Overcome emotional, comfort and disordered eating
  • Feel more confident, healthy and vibrant
  • Be motivated and inspired to be healthy
  • Stick to your new years resolutions
  • Create a body you love and are proud of

About the BodyLove eCourse

Throughout your 6-week journey, you are going to learn a completely new way of thinking about health, better understand why you struggle to shift the weight and learn the new nutrition prinicples to truly nourish your body with wholefoods.

At team BodyLove, we promise you that our eCourse contains:

  • NO fads
  • NO gimmicks
  • NO unrealistic advice
  • NO dieting 
  • NO bullshit

The BodyLove eCourse is filled with common sense advice for people who are sick of yo-yo dieting, emotional eating and restrictive eating plans and want to stress less about their body. 

After the BodyLove eCourse, you will:

  • Understand how to reach and maintain a comfortable, healthy weight for your body
  • Know how to eat healthy foods that truly nourish your body
  • Be inspired to maintain your new body and approach to health
  • Understand why you haven't succeeded in the past
  • Feel more confident in making healthy food choices

About the experts

Meet Kathryn //  The Everyday Dietitian

My passion is health, wellness and whole foods. I am an experienced dietitian and nutritionist, a health and wellness coach, and a compassionate person, who understands that your relationship with food may be quite challenging at times. 

True health means you’re making the right choices for your body because you want to, not because you have to… because you have learnt to love yourself, and love your body. 

I don’t count calories, points or carbs. I believe in simplicity: whole ingredients, local foods, self compassion & love. 

We have poured our souls into creating this beautiful BodyLove eCourse in order to guide you to nourish yourself with whole foods and create a body your love. I just know you are going to LOVE this eCourse. Once you get started on this path everything else will fall into place. 

Want to know more about Kathryn? Follow her inspirational feed on Instagram @khnutrition, Facebook kathrynhawkinsnutrition or Twitter KHNutrition

Meet Lyndi // The Nude Nutritionist

I am dietitian and nutritionist who understands first hand that diets cause more harm than good. After a rocky relationship with food led me to study nutrition, I made it my mission to help others (like me) who feel let down by diets and want to make peace with their body. 

Diets do not work. You can learn to love your body and fuel yourself with healthy food and enjoy exercise. 

When I was going through an eating disorder and struggling with my weight, I wish the BodyLove eCourse had existed. We created this course to teach you what I learnt that was essential in my recovery from binge-eating disorder and helped me create a body I love. Oh, and I lost 20kg which was an added bonus!

Connect with Lyndi on Instagram @nude_nutritionist, Facebook The Nude Nutritionist, Twitter @LyndiCohen and YouTube The Nude Nutritionist.

Are you ready to create a body you love?

Join team BodyLove for a life-changing eCourse that will mend your broken relationship with food and your body and help you quit dieting and deprivation for good. 

Will I lose weight with the BodyLove eCourse?

Our aim is to help you find the healthiest weight for your body. The BodyLove eCourse doesn't encourage you to lose weight but many people naturally experience weight loss when they adopt the BodyLove nutrition principles found in this eCourse.

By following the tips and advice in the BodyLove eCourse, you are likely to feel more energised, more confident and feel motivated to become the healthiest version of you.

When can I expect delivery of the BodyLove eCourse modules?

Each week you will receive a new module from the BodyLove eCourse. You can expect delivery via email exactly 7-days after the previous module.

For example, If you sign up on Wednesday at 5:45pm - then module 2 will be delivered to your inbox the following Wednesday at 5:45pm. (Note: Module 1 will be delivered immediately after signing up so you can get started!).

How is the BodyLove eCourse delivered?

As soon as you sign up, you will receive a love note from team BodyLove welcoming you to the program including your pre-program goodies (think shopping list, content outline and more).

Each week, you will receive a link to the module - direct to your inbox. Each module may include worksheets, images, downloadables, print-outs, inspirational posters and more!

What if I am very busy during the eCourse. Can I fall behind?

We know your life is busy which is why we have designed the BodyLove eCourse so that you simply can't fall behind. There is no rush to get through the eCourse content. You can complete the eCourse week-by-week or in your own time when it suits you.

Will my access to the BodyLove eCourse close after the 6 weeks?

You have lifetime access to the BodyLove eCourse. You will be able to review the course content at any time. This means that you will have access to all new course content, edits and updates that may be added in the future.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

The BodyLove eCourse is filled with incredible content that will shift the way you think about food and your body. Because the content is instantly delivered to your inbox, we are unable to provide refunds for change of mind.

Before purchasing the BodyLove eCourse, please make sure that it is right for you. If you're not 100% sure, we would love to answer any questions you have so please get in touch!

Is the course suitable for both males and females?

Yes! As there is no 'meal plans' as such, the course is prefect for both males and females of all sizes, shapes and cultural backgrounds.

Is the course appropriate for me; I am a vegetarian?

The course does not give 'meal plans'. Instead it delivers information around your eating habits, understanding why you may overeat / binge eat, and how to manage this as well as addressing issues around body image and self compassion. The only part of the course that is not appropriate for people eating a restricted diet (vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc) are the recipes, as they are generic. There are only a few recipes, which are quite simple and can easily be adapted to suit.

Course Structure

The complete BodyLove eCourse is a unique 6-week eCourse consists of 6 modules to take you to body confident and healthy. 

MODULE 1 // Hunger
Get Started // Pre-program Pack
Tutorial 1 // Goal Setting
MODULE 2 // Nourish
Tutorial 2 // Emotional Eating
MODULE 3 // Empower
Tutorial 3 // Healthy Eating Out
MODULE 4 // Awareness
MODULE 5 // Change
MODULE 6 // The New You

Downloadable Documents Include:

  • BodyLove Shopping List
  • Low GI Shopping Guide
  • Self-Compassion Worksheets
  • Guide to hunger
  • Hunger/fullness Worksheets
  • BodyLove Agreement
  • Forbidden Foods Worksheet
  • Envy Exploration
  • and plenty more... 

The BodyLove eCourse is simply bursting with information that will change the way you eat - and think about food. Learn to take inspired action today and be motivated to create the body you love.

Are you ready to stop worrying about food and start living?