Blogging: Ignite Your Inner Heart

Whether you're an artist, photographer, stay-at-home mom or dad - whoever you are, being creative not only brings us deep satisfaction within but also gives us a voice to share with the world around us what we're feeling at that very moment. It can be a simple illustration of a tea cup or photograph of our child's first birthday. However we choose to do so, adding a few words alongside can take that moment deeper into your heart while touching the lives of others across the world. The possibilities for blogging and sharing your world with others is endless!

Blogging has changed my life and paved a path to new hopes and dreams for me. It was in April of 2009 when I first started blogging. With a cup of tea in hand, I began to share my life with people near and far. Although I didn't know anyone personally, doing so brought great depths of healing to my heart and spirit. Starting my blog shortly after going through some significant life changes, including a major health issue, influenced a lot of what I had written about during the first few years. In fact, my blog was initially named, "Blue Chair Diaries - Fragments from a broken heart". Today, I am still open with my blog audience, sharing new journeys that now include my whimsical world of illustrating children's books as well. Of course, also sporting a new blog title, "Blue Chair Diary, Illustrations From The Heart".

Sharing Your Story

We all know that putting words to paper is not always easy but is the most cathartic thing to do. Mustering the courage to pull from within how we're feeling and tossing it out to an ocean of people we don't know can be incredibly freeing and opens a new door to create a world of your own that is molded around you, your interests and visual inspirations, whatever they are.

This 4-week online course is all about developing and building a blog platform to share your heart and creative voice, while building your business in the process. I’ll teach you how to share your heart and what you love to do by expressing yourself in the most creative way, building your followers, networking, self-promotion and how to meet other like-minded bloggers along the way.

This course will also be packed with helpful tips, visuals, written inspirational materials, as well as examples of other successful bloggers and their success stories. Such as: Tracey Fletcher King, Hannah Marks, Shirley Ng-Benitez, Liz Powley, Kristin Dudish, and more!

Join me in this fabulous e-course by igniting your inner heart today!

The Design of this Course is to Provide

  1. Instructor guidance with each creative project.
  2. Freedom to study course materials at a time that suits you.
  3. Purchase of this e-course gives your lifetime access.
  4. FREE downloadable lesson plans.
  5. FREE access to a private Facebook page to:
    • Engage with other creative individuals
    • A warm and supportive community
    • Ask questions about the e-course

Main Features

  • Designing a blog that reflects YOU and what you do.
  • Building your blog (Covers headers, layouts, pictures, etc.)
  • Photography (The importance of using photos and how to.)
  • Discovering the best way to capture your heart.
  • Finding inspiration in unexpected places.
  • Creative projects for you to complete with the instructor.
  • FREE downloadable lessons/worksheets.
  • FREE private Facebook page to engage with others.
  • FREE tutorials to guide you along.

Course Structure

The complete “Blogging - Ignite Your Inner Heart” e-course is a 4-week course which consists of multiple units.

Materials Needed

The following materials are suggested (but not required) to make this e-course more successful for you.

  • Computer or laptop
  • Journal Book (Used to capture your thought process throughout the course)
  • Camera (Any brand will do.)
  • Sketchbook or Artist Pad
  • Artist Tools (Pens, pencils, paints - whatever media you use)
  • Blog home (e.g. Blogger, WordPress, Square-space, etc.)