Earn hundreds of priceless hours of fun, good health and a new relationship with your dog!

Dryland mushing is one of the most exciting sports a dog and a person can do together. In dryland mushing, the harnessed dog runs forward, pulling its human, and both are having a blast.

Dryland mushing can be done almost anywhere. You only need one dog, but you can do it with more than one. The required gear is not expensive, and you can actually make some of it yourself.

Most dogs love to run. They love being out in front, running at their own pace. They love having a job.

Working dogs not only live better lives; they also live longer and healthier lives. Research shows that on average working dogs live two years longer than their couch potato counterparts.

And working dogs have more fun. You can’t make a dog pull against its will, and it’s only when the dog is having fun at a sport that you can enjoy it yourself.

In dryland mushing, you and your dog work as a team. The bond this creates between dog and owner is priceless.

Are you interested yet? Want to talk it over with your dog?

For as low as $65 this course will teach you everything you need to know in order to start dryland mushing. In just nine lessons you will learn:

  • What dryland mushing is
  • Why it is good for you and your dog
  • What you need for dryland mushing (and how to make some of it yourself)
  • What kinds of dogs can do dryland mushing
  • How to teach your dog to pull
  • How to develop a training plan
  • How to be a courteous and safe musher

Involved in dogs and mushing for thirty years, having taught hundreds of dog owners and dogs to enjoy dryland mushing, Arie Schwarz will get you going on your life's best ride. 

Hop on, you won't be sorry!

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience?

You need a dog, and you need to be able to ride a bike. We will teach you all the rest. Because falling is a possibility, though, you should consider your own health and physical condition before you start.

Is my dog suitable for dryland mushing?

If your dog is medium size (17 kilograms, or 35 pounds) or bigger, is in good health, and loves to run, it will probably be perfect for the job. However, fearful dogs or reactive dogs might not make good candidates for dryland mushing, unless they are well trained and managed.

Will I need to spend lots of money?

Not at all! You will need a bike or a scooter, and you will need to buy a good harness for your dog. We will teach you to make the rest of the necessary gear on your own.

Where will I be able to ride?

Any place you want to: your local park, around your neighborhood, out of town, and on most hiking trails you can find – anywhere you can legally go with your dog.

How long is the course?

The course consists of nine lessons. They can be completed in less than a month – but of course you may take longer if you wish. Once you start the course, you can come back as many times as you want.

I have three dogs, will I be able to mush them all together?

In most cases, yes, even if they are not the same size or strength. However, you may need to spend a little more time training them to work together.

Who are you? What makes you qualified to teach this course?

My name is Arie. I am a lawyer, a teacher, a musician, but mostly I am the founder and CEO of Dofunit Israel Ltd., a company dedicated to dryland mushing. Since 1984 I have been involved in dogs, mushing, and dryland mushing: I have been president of the Israeli Spitz Dog Club, Canine Studies program manager for the Israel Kennel Club (IKC), and IKC board member. I took part in the 1994 Iditarod as a team member, and have been teaching dryland mushing for years. I have also been a Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) certified dog judge since 1996. I have some thirty years of varied experience and knowledge to share.

Is there a time limit to when I have to finish up the course?

There is no time limit. Not only that, once you start it, you can come read it as many times as you wish.