Brand Builder Bootcamp

The Brand Builder Bootcamp eCourse will help you bring your brand and your offering to market. You'll learn how to build or improve your current brand portfolio and product assortment. This self-paced ecourse will allow you to identify your customer, define your brand, refine your product assortment, and go to market with your products and services.

We'll help you answer these and many other questions in order to brand and build your business:

  • What is a target customer?
  • How to I find my target customers?
  • Should I limit myself to only my 'ideal' clients?
  • How should I name my company/brand?
  • What is a brand promise and why do I need one?
  • How do I get feedback from my customers?
  • How do I launch my product or service?

Brand Builder Bootcamp Includes:

  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Video Lessons
  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Course Outline
  • Lesson Schedule
  • Brand Builder Bootcamp Worksheets
    • 5 Branding Worksheets
    • 2 Customer Worksheets
    • 3 Product Assortment Worksheets
    • 2 Marketplace Worksheets
  • Bonus: Brand Builder Bootcamp Launch Plan Template

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