Throwing the Bones - Learn to Read Bones

Learn to Throw 'Dem Bones!

Throwing the bones is an ancient divination technique where bones, shells, stones, coins, and other curios are thrown and the pattern in which the objects fall give insight and answers to questions.

Cultures from around the world have bone reading systems, from Africa to Asia, and each system is different.

In this virtual class we will learn the history of a few techniques from different cultures then learn this unique way of divining.

This is my personal system that I have been using for over 10 years and was taught to me by teachers from different traditions. I have fused together a workable system that is easy to understand and gives great insight from the Spirits.

This is not an introduction to divination class. You will benefit more from this class if you have some experience using other forms of divination. Bone reading is highly intuitive and deeply spiritual, so having that connection is a huge part in learning this system.

What's included: Two pre-recorded classes videos sharing this amazing divination technique and a downloadable PDF Class Handout for your reference.

In the first class we will go over a brief history of bone reading and the basics of the system. You will have a week to practice on your own (you can practice with other students too). The second class will focus advanced techniques and a wrap-up.

What you will need:

  • a glass/bowl of water
  • a small candle and matches/lighter
  • a bell or rattle
  • a black cloth or you can purchase the hand-painted Bone Throwing Mat
  • 13 "Piece" Bone Kit (you can create yourself or purchase here)
    • Shell
    • Penis Bone
    • Large Bone
    • 2 Small Bones
    • Cowrie
    • Quartz Crystal
    • Tooth
    • Evil Eye Bead
    • 4 Open Cowrie Shells
    • Penny
    • 1 Bone Die
    • Alligator Claw
    • Lucky Bean

Optional Bone Throwing Mat & Kit (if you choose to purchase) - You will receive a bone throwing kit with the optional hand-painted throwing mat as seen to the left. I make each one by hand, please allow for slight variations. They are lightly padded and are approximately 16.5 inches in diameter. Please be aware that the mats and kits are put together by hand. It may take a few weeks for me to create your mat and kit and mail to you.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and to purchase the mat and kit.

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About Oseaana

Oseaana—Spiritual Midwife and Guide—is an Oracle, Priestess, Celestial Channel, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guide and Advisor, Ceremonialist, Rootworker, Galactic Ambassador, and Artist with over 25 years’ experience. Intuitive, creative, energetic, humorous, and bold, yet intrinsically practical, Oseaana has enjoyed her mystical and magickal work with clients and students for over 13 years.

Since childhood, she has been following the Sacred Path to see where it takes her, seeking out the Mystery. Because of this willingness to follow her intuition, she is a serious student and practitioner of many magickal and spiritual traditions. Some of her practices include Vodou, Goddess Spirituality, divination, sea magick, Hoodoo/rootwork, spiritual healing arts, Kemetic Science and other African Traditional Religions, and Dianic Witchcraft. She is a Reiki Master and Teacher, an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church, and a graduate of the Ocean Speake Oracle Divination Program and the Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course. Oseaana is called by her soul to continual learning, and is deeply committed to personal growth—as a result of this calling, she is also passionately dedicated to facilitating learning and personal growth for others.

In service to her deep connection with her Ancestors, Star Family, and Spirits, she has undergone many spiritual and occult ceremonies and rituals to strengthen her innate gifts, and she brings these experiences and knowledge to the world and into this dimension. Her magick lies in her profound dedication, authenticity, and truthfulness. You can find more about Oseaana and her work on her website