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Join me as I discuss some of the most common health conditions and diseases and explain how you can heal from them naturally, using food as medicine.

If you are feeling sluggish, foggy in the head or just plain low on energy, than this course is for you!

You'll get 19+ high quality lessons on topics ranging from Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies to Navigating Autoimmunity to Cancer Prevention.

We'll discuss ways in which you can bolster your immune system and ward off illnesses. You will also learn how to eat for prevention of diabetes and heart disease.

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Note: This course is also great for nutritionists, wellness coaches and practitioners to gain more insight into using food as medicine and build upon your current protocols.

Course Syllabus:

Lesson 1- Introduction

Lesson 2- Most Common Nutrient Deficiencies

Identify the most common nutrient deficiencies in men, women and children. Example foods and supplements are given to correct these common deficiencies.

Lesson 3- Natural Immunity Boosters

Discover 23 natural remedies to boost your immune system and prevent sickness!

Lesson 4- Cancer Prevention

Learn about the pH of the body and how it relates to cancer.

Learn which foods are acid-forming and which foods are alkaline-forming.

Learn how to easily and inexpensively test your pH at home.

Learn which foods and supplements to use for cancer prevention.

Lesson 5- Healthy Digestion

Learn natural remedies for improving digestion.

Learn about the true cause of acid reflux, indigestion and GERD and how to heal from it naturally in just 3 weeks! (Recipe included!)

Learn about SIBO, the SIBO diet and natural remedies for it.

Learn how to massage your illeocecal valve.

Lesson 6- Gut Health

Learn about leaky gut syndrome and what causes it.

Identify the symptoms of leaky gut.

Reveal the 4-step process to healing the gut.

Identify which foods to include, as well as which foods to avoid for leaky gut syndrome.

Learn which supplements are useful for leaky gut syndrome.

Lesson 7- Heart Health

Learn about the heart, cholesterol, the big cholesterol myth, foods and supplements for heart health and lifestyle recommendations.

Lesson 8- Love Your Liver

Learn about the functions of the liver and what symptoms you may feel if your liver is sluggish and needs cleansing.

Learn which foods support, detoxify and help to regenerate the liver.

Learn which supplements are best for liver health.

Lesson 9- Gall Bladder Health

Learn about the gall bladder and it's functions.

Learn how to tell if you have a sluggish gall bladder.

Learn which foods are best to include and avoid for gall bladder health.

Learn which supplements are best to support the gall bladder function and what you must do if you've had your gall bladder removed.

Lesson 10- Detoxification Strategies

Learn why you need to detoxify your body, which foods you can use for detoxification and other practices you can use to detox as well.

Lesson 11- Obesity, Weight Loss & Popular Diets

Learn about Body Mass Index and how to determine if you're overweight or obese.

Learn about the causes of obesity.

We'll discuss some of the most popular diets including vegan, vegetarian, SCD/GAPS, Ketogenic, Gluten-Free, Traditional, Clean Eating and Intermittent Fasting.

Learn about fat-burning foods for weight loss, as well as foods to avoid for weight loss.

Learn how important sleep and exercise are for healthy weight.

Lesson 12- Diabetes

Learn about Diabetes and the difference between Type 1 and Type 2.

Learn about Insulin Resistance and how it can lead to Type 2 Diabetes.

Learn how to easily test your blood glucose at home and the ideal range it should be in.

Learn which foods and supplements are best for blood sugar control and managing Diabetes.

Learn the dangers of artificial sweeteners and identify which natural sweeteners are safer to use.

Lesson 13- Heal From Chronic Pain Naturally

Learn 8 common foods that you can consume for relief of chronic pain such as headaches and migraines, back, neck and nerve pain or stomach pain from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Lesson 14- Healing Infertility Naturally

Learn how to tell when you're ovulating using a basil body temperature method.

Learn about the infertility/thyroid/liver connection.

Learn which foods to include and which foods to avoid for healthy conception.

Learn which supplements can help with infertility.

Learn how to prevent morning sickness and how to remedy it when happens.

Lesson 15- Navigating Autoimmunity

Learn about autoimmunity and how it begins.

Learn ways to find the root cause and heal from it.

Learn about ways to improve autoimmunity.

Learn about the Autoimmune Protocol, which foods are allowed and which foods are not allowed.

Find out how to put autoimmunity into remission!

Lesson 16- Hormonal Health

Learn the most common hormonal issues.

Learn 10 steps to heal your hormones naturally.

Learn which macro-nutrient to increase for hormonal health.

Learn about adaptogens and how they can help with hormone balance.

Learn about the dangers of birth control.

Lesson 17- Thyroid Health

Learn about the differences of thyroid disorders.

Learn about the causes of thyroid dysfunction.

Learn about how 3 specific halogens in the environment affect your thyroid health.

Discover healing foods for hypothyroidism.

Learn about iodine deficiency and it's connection to breast cancer, and how you are at 50% more risk for breast cancer if you're on long term thyroid medication.

Learn steps to take for healing Hashimoto's Disease naturally.

Discover 7 supplements for healing Hashimoto's Disease.

Learn 23 ways to heal Hypothyroidism.

Learn about Graves Disease and how to heal from it.

Learn a simple at-home test for testing your thyroid function.

Find out what test markers to request from your doctor to test your thyroid function.

Lesson 18- Adrenal Fatigue

Learn about the adrenal glands, adrenal fatigue and other health issues that adrenal fatigue can lead to.

Learn about external and internal stressors on the body.

Learn about foods and supplements for adrenal health.

Learn about D.R.E.S.S acronym for adrenal fatigue.

Lesson 19- Anxiety

Learn about the different types of anxiety.

Learn about the best foods for anxiety relief.

Learn which supplements to use for natural relief of anxiety.

Lesson 20- Depression

Learn about which foods are good for combating depression and which foods to avoid.

Learn about the 5 best supplements for healing depression naturally.