How to make soap - Chemistry in the kitchen!

Chemistry in the kitchen!!

How to make cold process soap

My name is Molly and I have been making soap in my kitchen for the last 16 years.

When I began my soap journey there were very few publications or online resources and I read every book and website I could find, gradually building up an in-depth knowledge and experience. 

I have sold my soap at craft fairs and local shops; it is renowned at school fundraising events and has help my children to raise cash for three World Challenges and we enjoy an amazing bar of soap every time  we shower - mild, moisturising and naturally fragranced....made by me!!

'Soaping' is a wonderful hobby and can be made into a successful business.

During this step-by-step course I will introduce you to the ingredients and processes to make natural, colourful and fragranced soap. 

You will learn how to create simple essential oil blends and choose natural herbs and spices to enhance and colour your product. 

I will show how to create a marbled soap and give you tips on beautiful packaging.

This course is designed to take you step-by-step through the whole process. 

I have included detailed tables, worksheet and video - delivered with all my knowledge and enthusiasm.

The first few lessons are information based with downloadable worksheets. Once all the ingredients have been covered, you can buy in the materials needed  for a fabulous batch of soap. 

Fortunately the equipment will already be found in your kitchen and most ingredients can be bought at local stores...more explained in the course.


**I have added a bonus lesson at the end with my list of favourite soap recipes. 

Join now and start the journey!!!