Expanding Your Essay

Have you ever wondered how to write enough material to make the required page length of an essay? Do you need to know how to develop the ideas of your papers? Learn to expand your essay from a few paragraphs to a full 3-5 page essay! 

Topics Include:

  • Scenario: When to Expand Your Essay 
  • Types of Research Support & Examples
  • How to Summarize & Paraphrase Research Support 
  • Examples of Summaries & Paraphrases
  • Example of Short Paper  (Before)
  • Example of Expanded Paper  (After)
  • Expanding Your Essay Step-by-Step 
  • Key Tips for Expanding Your Essay 

Downloadable Materials:

  • MP4: Video Lecture --> (6:30 mins.)
  • PDF: eBook Instructions --> (14-pages)

No expiration date. All of the materials are yours to download and review.

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