I am Jacqueline Myers-Cho and have been creating, showing and selling my art  for over 30 years. My skills and style have changed many times over this period  but the one thing that has been constant is my drive to create and my desire to get better. Through the process of getting better I have learned it is so very important not to make my self wrong, in that wrongness it stops me from learning and creating. It is never about me being wrong it is about that line not being right; that feels different. In this process of being better, making my work better I do not compare myself to others only to myself. Is this better than the one I created before? Is this drawing better?

For the past 15 years I have been creating big headed, big eyed girls, and the monsters showed up about 3 years ago. It feels good to find my style and expand in it and I think my drawing skills had a lot to do with it. I saw a huge jump in my confidence when my drawing skills got better. For me it is not about drawing perfectly but using tools to make things better and trusting myself; if it feels wrong it is. 

What I will be sharing with you is how to draw with simple tools that will always help you, if you use them. This class is a step by step process, you will be able to share with me or the class at any stage if you need another eye. The biggest thing is to have fun.  This a self paced class, and the entire course is now available. In this class you have 5 videos and 15 step by step drawings to show you how to draw one of my girl face's. You will also be invited to a group on FB where you can upload your progress pictures, ask questions or discuss things. There is no time limit on the course. Let me know if you have any more questions.


This is what the students are saying:

I'm really loving this class and having so much fun learning how to draw these beautiful girls! Jacqueline's instructions and feedback make it so easy to follow. Come join us! Debbie from New Mexico

I am loving it...the videos are great & well done. The instructions is good and no blah, blah about nothing. Jenni from Australia

" Everyone, check out Jacqueline's drawing class! You can learn a lot. She's very helpful and will let you know if something is not quite right and will show you how to look at it to see if something is not right. You can draw at your own pace. I'm new and have a lot to learn and i feel comfortable learning from Jacqueline, so come on check it out and we can learn from each other. " Sandra from Ohio

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