Writing Paragraphs

What exactly goes into a paragraph? In this lesson series, basic and complex paragraphs are broken down to help you better understand how to write effective, unified paragraphs.

The first section covers basic paragraph structure that applies to any general writing assignment. The second section covers complex, academic paragraphs suitable for college and graduate school assignments. 

Topics include:

  • What goes in a paragraph 
  • Parts of the paragraph 
  • Examples of good & bad paragraphs 
  • Differences between topic sentences & thesis statements 
  • Writing paragraphs 
  • Unifying a paragraph
  • Writing complex paragraphs 
  • Key points to remember
  • Practice exercises

Downloadable Materials:

  • MP4: Video Lecture -->  (10:30 mins.)
  • PDF: eBook Instructions --> (10-pages)
  • PDF: Paragraph Exercises

No expiration date. All of the materials are yours to download and review.

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