The Rhythm Conscious Life: A Self-Care Course for Steadying Your Life

This course has four main objectives: 

TO MAKE YOU HAPPY.  {HAPPY (acronym, below..)}  

Hope - Greater Encouragement  and   Greater Focus. 

Awareness- Greater Self-awareness, Self Engagement and Purposed Activity.

Productivity - Greater Energy &  Greater Motivation. 

Passion - Finding more time for creative efforts, personal projects  & business goals. 

Yes - Saying yes  more to your life and  taking  ownership  with how you intentionally live it! 

Hello everyone, My name is Jennifer Owens, and I am a therapist currently living in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I am also known as Author, JennRene Owens, of the book Red Sea Situations, Finding Courage in the Deep Seas of Life-  and I have a self-care blog at Yes, I Am Lovely, Special and Good Enough! 

*( click link for more info.)  I also have a personal blog  about living with Happiness, at  I am at the PRIME of my life! I feel good about myself and how I take care of myself and I want to help you to feel the same!

A BONUS chapter on SABBATH, as a spiritual practice has been  added, just for you!

I just want to say hello and tell you why I created this course

Several years ago, I made some very significant changes in my life in regard to time. I began offering more of my time to myself and to those quality relationships in my life that existed. It totally changed my life. I am going to do my best to share with you in these sessions a few of those stories. I will log my experiences in a weekly voice diary for you and share a calendar to help you consider words for self-care daily during the month. You will challenge yourself to journal your experiences of stress management, and you will enjoy the creation of your own self-care regime. When I began to make changes, I wasn’t this specific, but the things that helped me inspired me to research diverse techniques so I could help you to learn more about yourself; challenge yourself to greater self-care; and sleep better at night.

Yes, I said sleep better. Sleep hygiene has everything to do with self-care, and sleep will be one of the things we discuss. It is important to safe-guard our rest in order to manage our mental health, to think well and have mental clarity on a consistent basis. You see, sometimes we will do some of the things necessary to have greater self-care, but we forget what it takes to have excellent self-care. We might make sure to have a good night’s rest but neglect to spend time with a friend, or vice versa. We make sure to go on vacation, but forget that we have relationships with real people at home who need us. If we don’t do the calming and corrective work of emotional care and/or spiritual care we need, we can’t really be present for anyone—not even on our jobs. Our well-being counts for our families, for our production level and capacity, and provides an example that can help those around us to manage their emotions, time and relationships as well. When I changed my lifestyle, it was not without great struggle and adversity. I came to recognize that when I shifted my priorities and perspective regarding self-care, all the more important and significant concerns in my life also shifted. My emotional life, self-confidence and peace of mind reached new levels. Today, I am much more at peace, and much more productive in everything to which I set my hands. I only have to do the work of social, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care.

In the process of research and development for this course, I rediscovered the impact of this work:

  1. I was more confident with myself and my identity.
  2. I was able to listen to my body.
  3. I was able to listen to my soul and calm it.
  4. I was able to challenge myself to use my energy differently.
  5. I was able to use my voice, ask for what I wanted, and recognize my worth.
  6. I was able to immediately assess what I needed and prioritize meeting that need by having a routine of self-care with which I kept in tune weekly.
  7. I was able to create a balance, recognize the importance of rituals in my life and see how much they bonded me to those I loved—even myself.

In this e-course, I will help you achieve the following objectives:

You will receive a one on one session of coaching By ME, to get you acclimated to THIS COURSE!

  1. You will be able to assess whether you have had proper self-care for the week, and you will intentionally plan a routine to help you gain more energy and feel better about yourself and your life.
  2. You will be able to modify and plan self-care activity and prioritize self-nurturing activities for you and for you!
  3. You will be able to distinguish between positive and negative self-management. You will judge the value of your self-care and its impact upon your life and relationships, and you will notice the impact on your emotional, spiritual and mental well-being.
  4. You will be able to develop a routine that helps you to record your self-care and balance its importance weekly, to determine if you have had enough self-nurturing.
  5. By the end of this course, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of a self-care regime and recognize how living this life can make you feel content and promote a healthier lifestyle.

    Thanks for participating. If you’d like to learn more about my courses, please email me at

Attached  BELOW is a downloadable file that is a self care assessment, and will be at the beginning  at every course. Please take the time to complete and  rate yourself on how well you do self care!

Jennifer has been in the writing world since the age of  nine, and the blogging world now for five years; but an active member of writer groups and a journal writer for approximately 35 years. A master's level social work graduate from Howard University; and a mental health therapist in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Jennifer writes mostly about self development and personal growth.

Jennifer loves to help change minds and hearts and assist them in striving towards living whole and prosperous, purpose-filled lives. Her passion for interviewing, documentaries, photography and discussion has caused her to carry a burden and a passion for those who silently endure with all types of challenges. She strives to help others' find beauty in their own vulnerability and to help people (especially women) find their voices.  

In her best element, Jennifer has traveled to South Africa; encouraged youth dialogue sessions about following your dreams; held writing groups in Tulsa Oklahoma, taught sessions diversity; been an adjunct professor, and held online creative expression courses. Jennifer not only enjoys writing, but she gets a kick out of being a photographer, teacher an avid reader and author, of her book,Red Sea Situations, (found on Amazon). She and her husband, Timothy Owens manage a training and development business which coaches people and organizations with various leadership teams.  Her blog and books can be found at

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