first steps of watercolor art

Learn watercolor today! It's a kind of art you can take anywhere, perfect for outdoors and travel. Create your own mementos of your destinations, which is more fun and engaging than cell phone photos.

When I search Google "Why is watercolor," the first automated suggestion comes up, "so difficult," and the second one, "so hard." Many people take up watercolor because of its accessibility, only to find it too difficult and frustrating to continue. But in reality, it is easy once you learn these basics.

During my many years of making fine arts, and being an exhibited watercolor painter and mixed-media artist, I have developed a system that makes professional-grade watercolor paintings quickly and easily. Through trials and errors, I find that we need to know only a few basic rules and skills to create a masterpiece!

In this course, I am sharing these fundamental laws of great watercolor painting and step-by-step instructions on how to 'build' your first watercolor masterpiece.

Price includes online (email) support and personal feedback on two assignments.