The Big Wide World of Dog Treats

With literally thousands of dog treats to choose from, how do you choose? Do you go for price, packaging or claims? Do you really know what's best? Or what is safe?

The truth is most people don't know what's hiding in the dog treats they buy or even the country of origin (yes, there's a trick to this). Thousands of them should be scandalous because they contain ingredients that would cause public outrage, if only the public knew.

I know you're too busy to do all the research - so I did!

It can take years to uncover the whole story but as your dog's health advocate I'm here to shorten that time to a few hours and give you lots of choices including foods to share and recipes for dogs only .

Wonder if this class is a good match for you? Watch the video and decide.

If you're one of my readers from the deaf community, no worries. I've got you covered below.

* * *

Here are the class modules (chapters) with their explanation.

Introduction. . .

Defining treats; my rating system; understanding the truth about grains and potatoes that most folks don't understand. (Hint: They're the same)

The Skinny on Store Bought Snacks & Treats. . .

From the most dangerous to the nearly benign - what's really in these things? I'll explain what the ingredients are as we comparison shop some major brands.

Cream of the Crop Store Bought Goodies. . .

Looking at the Upper Crust. Are they that much better? Some are awesome and some are good. Here's a few examples so you know why and what companies really have your dog's health in mind rather than the almighty dollar.

Saving Your Shoes - Dogs Need to Chew. . .

It all counts, so here I talk about everything from rawhide to stuffing Kongs, chew toys, and marrow bones. There are a few dangers I learned first hand and you should know them too.

Treats to Share With Your Dog. . .

Including real foods from the grocery store and simple healthy recipes

Recipes for Dogs Only. . .

For the times you want that homemade touch and enjoy creating the smell of dog love in your kitchen, I'll be your guide. Could you eat these things? Sure, but because we don't have the advanced nose of a dog who can smell good stuff a mile away, we tend to put sugar and other needless things which aren't good for anybody. Because we love our dogs, we'll leave them out.

Don't miss out
If treats are a part of your dog's day, you need this course

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Should You Take This Class???

The following is much the same as the video so that I can serve the deaf community as well.

We make assumptions that advertisers are truthful and never take the time to investigate what those ingredients really are. Well that's what this course is all about. I'm here to tattle on treat maker lawful lies and misleading claims.

I believe it is your right to know there are both carcinogens, and ingredients that both feed cancer and promote inflammation, the precursor to all disease.

And what about all those yummy homemade treat recipes you find on the internet? As long as they're home made they're good right? No!

Once you understand the things that should never pass your dog's lips, I'll share healthier alternatives including recipes and also some snacks for you and your dog to share.

>>>>>>Here are the questions from the video once again:<<<<<<<>>>>

  1.  If your store bought dog treats have more than 4 ingredients you should probably take this class.
  2. If there are any ingredients you either cannot pronounce or you don't know what they are, you should take this class.
  3. If you think if it says "all natural" on the bag or box and you think that means they're good for your dog, you need to take this class.
  4. If you think Milk Bones help clean your dog's teeth, you need some help and I'm here to help you.
  5. If you think the bag or box you buy is safe because it doesn't mention China or any of the other countries we get problem treats from - please take this class! There are a lot of tricks in the trade and as consumers we must know what they are so we can keep our dogs safe.
  6. If you want to know what the cream of the crop stuff is to buy, I've got 'cha covered.
  7. If you think peanut butter is a healthy treat for your dog, I hate to inform you (big sigh) it isn't. I'll explain inside.
  8. If you want to know what foods you can share with your dog for treats, I've got them for you.
  9. If you want recipes for that homemade touch, I've got those too.

And of course, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

 The best bargain is by getting the whole works. Eight topics under one master course (including this one) called The Vital Components to Dog Health.  This includes written, audio, video and the ability to ask questions within the course.

Do what is best for you and the dog you love.