20+ lessons that go beyond the basics of rigid heddle weaving. 

I have taken some of the old school weaving traditions, reworked them for rigid heddle weaving and added some soul shining art techniques. You are going to love this freeform, inspirational way for creating with your favorite funky art yarns.

Gorgeous fiberart

You are going to love this no stress method of weaving. Built on creative play. I am giving you the tools as encouragement to tap into your artist-self with such a fun way of working with your favorite yarns.

Work with your favorite art yarns

You know you have that special stash just waiting for the righ project. Well break them out, because you are going to love working them into you new weaving practice.

Build a body of work

I am not just talking one weaving project here. I am giving you the tools to find inspiration over and over again through art yarn weaving. I promise it is addictive.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Floats
  • Fat Warp
  • Tapestry Techniques
  • Leno Lace
  • Ropes
  • Fishing
  • Roving Piles
  • Compositional Detailing
  • Windows
  • Chain Piles
  • Weft Face Weave
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Check out what some of my students are saying

"After enjoying Urbangypz's free series on Art-Weaving, I decided to take the plunge and dive right into her e-course. There are many lessons, about twenty in all.   I warped up my 10 inch Cricket, organized my yarns, wound some shuttles, and just enjoyed things at my own pace.  If I particularly liked something, I tried it right away, and some techniques, I made note of in my art journal to try at a later date.  I will say that I began with an art journal for the free series and continued on with it during this one.  Weaving is a journey and documenting it as you go makes it even more fun! Enjoy and happy weaving!"

Stacey White

"I haven’t been weaving long and it was you who inspired me to explore this medium.  I’m basically self taught and I really don’t think of myself as an artist, fiber or otherwise.  In fact, though I hate to admit it, when I see work by someone like you (and by that I mean someone I perceive as a “real” artist with portfolios and degrees and bona fides and all that), I tend to go into comparison mode which quickly leads to ignoring my ambitions in the visual arts and retreating to the safety of cooking or writing, where I know my creative juices flow best. Beyond the Basics exposed me to a variety of tools and techniques that will keep me busy and exploring and trying new things in my weaving for months to come.   Also, getting a bird’s eye view of your own creative process and being has given me a big a-ha into how to think more like an artist and to even start to think of myself as an artist.   Beyond the Basics has truly inspired me to jump in and create and appreciate whatever comes out of that willingness to be in the process, doing the work. Stacey, thanks for creating this.  I want to encourage everyone who wants just a little more va-va-voom out of their relationship with their loom and their yarn stash to take this course!  Your creativity in all areas will explode!"

Deane Giordano

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