Reclaim Your Retail Sales

Hello estheticians and skin care professionals!  

Would you like to be able to sell $800-$1,000 in Retail Sales per week?

Would you like extra income and financial freedom?

Would you like to learn the exact words and phrases that I teach during my NYC consulting sessions at a fraction of the cost?

This course is for you if you would like to dramatically increase the amount of retail products that you sell to new and existing clients.  You will not need any materials for this course. However, knowledge of skin and skin care is required and I recommend this course for licensed/certified estheticians and other trained skin care professionals.

My name is Liz Donat.  I am the founder and creator of EMD Skin Solutions based out of CT/NYC. EMD Skin Solutions is my consulting business for training estheticians across the country. In my travels as a consultant, I have seen the needs and wants of other estheticians and business owners and it has prompted me to create this course.

I am a NY State licensed and internationally licensed esthetician and published industry expert and my passion is training and leading other professionals in the skin care industry.  I am a medical esthetician, by trade, and also an esthetics teacher.  I eat, sleep and live all things skin care and I want this passion to spill over world-wide by fortifying and inspiring YOU!

Selling retail (and the subsequent commissions that can be earned) is a huge part of what we do as skin care professionals.  It is a pet peeve of mine to see awesome estheticians and skin care experts lose sales to misleading TV ads, uninformed sales people and mass retail over-the-counter brands that over promise and under-deliver.

The bottom line: your clients need to be buying professional skin care from YOU. Period.  End of story. 

This course is designed to take the fear, guess work and awkward silences out of consultatively selling the perfect products to all of your clients. 

I am including elite audio lessons and the actual phrases that you can memorize and communicate to your clients to introduce, expand and close the sale everyday and every time.  The best part is you can use this material for ANY line that you are selling!  This course will pay for itself in one to two weeks of retail commission payouts-yet you will have access to it for life! 

I want all of you (esthetician and skin care professional colleagues) to make money and build long, fulfilling, professional relationships with all of your clients.  

I want you to walk away from this course with several "ah ha" moments and encouragement.  I want you to feel stronger, more confident and ready to hit the ground running the next day you return to your job or business.  

When you click that enroll button, you will be prompted to create a CourseCraft account. CourseCraft is the site I used to create my course and it's where all the material will be hosted. You'll need your login information to access the course. Keep in mind that the course is best experienced with a reliable, high-speed internet connection. Because of the digital nature of this course content, this course is not eligible for returns or refunds. This course and its materials are copyrighted. Materials cannot be shared with friends or other people under US copyright laws. Enrolling in the course entitles the purchaser to view/download the materials, but you cannot share the course. Each student should purchase their own virtual "seat" in the class. 

Are you ready to dramatically increase the amount of retail products that you sell everyday?  Are you ready to increase your income and learn the elite NYC techniques that I use with my students and consulting clients everyday?  

This material would normally cost almost $900 but this course gives you everything that I teach my private clients for only $159.99!  That is a savings of $740.00!  

Ill see you in class!

xo  Elizabeth Maglieri Donat, B.A., L.E.

  • I sought out her expertise with my staff regarding sales, based on her in-depth knowledge of skincare and the spa industry. Liz provided insight and precise technique in an intimate setting on how to sell products to clients.

    — Kim Schanzer owner of Pulse Laser & Skin Care Center, New York, NY
  • There has not been a major business decision that I have made since opening Pacific Touch NYC that I have made without consulting Elizabeth because she is one of the few people I trust implicitly to give me stellar advice that is grounded in sound, factual knowledge mixed with “been there done that” know-how.

    — Nichola Weir owner of Pacific Touch Spa, New York, NY
  • She is my go-to-woman for all beauty and skin care advice

    — Nicole Goulet, M.D., Greater NYC/NJ
  • Liz is incredibly knowledgeable within the beauty field. She takes time to really listen and genuinely cares, her passion is contagious.

    — Sarah Clark, Esthetician, Take Care Spa, New York, NY

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