Simple Seamless Repeat Pattern using Corel PSP

Begins August 1st 2015

I created this course after years of trying to figure out how to make seamless repeat patterns. After attempting it many times..I just kept giving up. Finally after seeing the cutest design in one of my class participants posts..about using an Ipad created design for one of her patterns...I just had to sit down and force myself to figure it out. I knew I had all of the abilities to do it, and the capabilities as far as I sat down and figured out how to do it.  It took  me about 24 hours over all and now I am comfortable sharing this knowledge with you all.  I will be sharing only simple repeat patterns as show in the Images  below. I am not going to demonstrate more complex designs at this time. This is a 1 lesson class that will cover designs and preparing a seamless repeat pattern Using Corel PSP as your program. You can get Corel PSP for 1 month free at link below.