An introduction to the books of the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) that tell its core story, from creation to the time of great empires. Learn from a leading researcher in the field, the author of the bestselling, most-assigned book on the subject, Who Wrote the Bible? Encounter the narrative books from literary, historical, and archaeological perspectives. Address real questions of what in the Bible is historical and what is not. See the world of the ancient Near East that produced it. See the Bible’s conception of God, covenant, and how to relate to one’s fellow human beings.

Professor Friedman’s lectures are known for combining the latest scholarship with humor, spirituality, and sensitivity to contemporary concerns.

There are 27 hour-long lectures.  The first lecture is free!

Topics include: creation, the Ten Commandments, miracle, sacrifice, love of neighbor, the birth of Israel, prophets, priests, kings and queens, sex and love, prose and poetry, sin, war, peace, and who wrote the Bible.

Ministers, priests, rabbis, and laypersons have learned from Professor Friedman. Men and women across the religious spectrum have praised his books and his teaching:

The single most interesting mind working on the Bible in any language today.

Jacob Neusner

Friedman is one of the greatest biblical scholars of our age.

Conservative Judaism

A tour de force.

Catholic Biblical Quarterly

Important and original, enlightening, inspiring.

Mary Douglas

A refreshingly honest look at what the ancient Bible teaches us about contemporary controversies.

Alan Dershowitz

If you have ever thought biblical scholarship as dry as dust, then join detective Friedman. He has a lively style illumined by apt contemporary allusions.

New York Times

Friedman has gone much further than other scholars in analyzing the identity of the Biblical authors.

U.S. News & World Report

Friedman’s biblical analysis is brilliant.

Bible Review

Friedman conveys a vast amount of learning with a light touch. His masterful commentary blends scholarly precision, literary sensitivity and spiritual reflection.

Daniel Matt, author of The Essential Kabbalah

Friedman captures and holds one’s interest, pours out fresh ideas in a torrent, and thoroughly intrigues.

Frank Moore Cross, Hancock Professor Emeritus, Harvard University

Lively and engaging, grounded in solid scholarship. Friedman raises some important questions and answers them persuasively.

Harold S. Kushner, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Friedman has had a place in the company of the great scholars of the recent past; now we find him another place of equal value and importance among an older generation of legendary commentators on the Hebrew Scriptures: Kimhi and Abarbanel, Rashbam and Nachmanides, and that perennial master of the written Word, Rashi.

David Noel Freedman, General Editor, The Anchor Bible