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Do you ever feel like you inject "difficult" into your sales and marketing strategy? Ever wish you had a coach to tell you what to STOP doing less of and what to START doing more of?

Far too often I see entrepreneurs spinning their wheels on "stuck" business models...that worked to a certain extent...but, waiting for luck to kick in so they can go to the next level.

That's why I developed the "No Luck Required" sales funnel system.  

Reach More Customers With Less Effort and Expense...

Enter, the sales funnel.

You've probably heard of it. In fact, you're probably fully immersed in some sales funnels right now. If you've ever signed up for a free webinar, you're in a sales funnel. If you're receiving emails from anyone on a regular basis because you subscribed to a mailing list, you're in a sales funnel. And if you've ever purchased anything online, you're in a sales funnel.

You may even have a few sales funnels of your own. If you offer a free incentive on your website, that leads to your sales funnel.

The problem is, too many online business owners--and coaches and service providers specifically--don't make good use of this opportunity. They have a sign up form because "everyone" says you must be building an email list. But that's where it ends. You collect addresses, and maybe you email them occasionally, but the reality is...

Your Email List Alone Is Not A Proper Funnel, And It's Likely Not Living Up To It's Potential

Here's why. Most of us simply don't know how to create and maintain a proper funnel. What's more, as service providers and coaches, we mistakenly think that a sales funnel is only useful when you sell a product. Our focus is on providing a service, so how can a funnel possibly work?

I'm here to tell you that, when properly set up and monetized, a sales funnel can take your coaching business from lackluster and struggling to 6- and even 7-figure range.

The key is to know what exactly goes into a proper funnel--and what to leave out.

True, it all starts with your mailing list, but that is just the beginning. Without the critical components and proven structure, all those email addresses you're collecting are not earning you money--they're costing you.

The Anatomy of a Profitable Sales Funnel

At its very basic level, a sales funnel is simply a series of web pages and emails that:

- Entice a reader to subscribe to your mailing list so you can continue to build a relationship with her

- Encourage subscribers to engage with your content

- Present relevant, timely offers

- Turn curious readers into loyal customers and fans

If your funnels are already accomplishing those four goals, you can stop reading right now.

But I'm guessing that's not the case, because very few entrepreneurs get this right. Those that do are shouting from the rooftops about their incredible successes and time freedom.

If that's not you, then keep reading, because I have a solution to your funnel woes...


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Lesson #1 - Irresistible Lead Magnets

Lesson #2 - Capturing Leads

Lesson #3 - Building Trust

Lesson #4 - Convert Sales

Lesson #5 - Adding Value

Lesson #6 - 7 Things That Will Make You MORE Successful

Lesson #7 - Email/Automated Marketing

Why Should You Trust Me?

Hi, I'm Josh... I do sales funnels for a living.

By day, I'm the VP of Sales and Marketing for an information marketing company that has been listed on the INC 5000 list two years running. That list ranks the nations fastest growing companies.

I'm also the founder of my own company, Groovy Marketing, that coaches and consults with online entrepreneurs every day. Sales Funnel Madness is not my product, IT'S WHAT I DO!

There's no reason why your business can't have a systematic process of buying leads and converting customers on auto-pilot.

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