You've been told by friends and families that you should start an Etsy shop.

    This should be simple, right?

    You start looking into making an Etsy shop and realize, it's a little intimidating, you need a logo, now you have to take professional photos, and figure out shipping!

    In addition to your overwhelming to do list you start getting all these weird fears that stall you. "Who would buy my stuff anyways?" "Do I need a business degree?" "What if I fail at this?"

    I'll show you how to banish those fears and set up an Etsy shop in 2  weeks.

    What you get with this course:

    Get confident about your business:

    Activities to help you break down all of your fears you have about starting a shop.

    Photo's that sell:

    Learn how to take photos that look professional for under $3.

    Etsy tips + tricks:

    You'll discover how to get your Etsy listings to the top of search and how to use tags and keywords correctly

    No time wasted here to do list:

    Ill tell you what matters and what no customer gives a crap about.

    Find Your Direction and Make Sales:

    If you're an artist or crafter you're probably multi-passionate. This is wonderful in some ways but can leave you feeling confused in your shop. 

    I'll help you find a direction and will lead you to more Cha-Ching!

What you get with this course:

  • A 20 page work book with questions and activities to follow along with each lesson
  • The Art of storytelling guide by Ashley LaShea of an expert in writing Etsy product descriptions that sell.
  • Weekly course instruction with audio and video
  • Private facebook support group to share your struggles and wins for the week

  • I just want to take a minute and rave about working with Shannon DePalma. She helped me develop a clear vision and voice and I doubled my Etsy orders based on her suggestions of some small visual changes. Through my work with her I feel like I have a definite direction and I can my business into the business I know it can be!

    — Andrea
  • You feel overwhelmed starting an Etsy business
  • You create awesome crafts or vintage items and want to sell them online
  • You just started an Etsy shop and have a lack of sales
  • You're interested in starting an Etsy shop and want to know what it takes
  • Your a totally newbie to the e-commerce world
  • "This class helped me to focus my ideas and energy. I was stuck not knowing where to start, but even the simple assignment of choosing a name, a logo, opening a store, making a light box, and taking photo's was very helpful. I feel like I am starting in a direction which is way more than I had before."

    — Amy V

How does this work?

You'll receive a lesson every day for 2 weeks. You can start the course as soon as you sign up! The lesson will be either in audio or video format and will follow along with your 20 page work book. You'll leave questions from the work book under comments in each lesson. I'll respond with praise or disappointment, just kidding always praise.

What's the Facebook group for?

In the Facebook group is where you can share your accomplishments or struggles for the week. It's where you can help from other people who are starting up or learning to sell just like you! If you don't understand a lesson or are stumped by the homework, post it in Facebook. I'll be monitoring this group also.

What makes this course different?

In this course I really address those weird issues we get when starting a business. A lot of us when starting a business get so consumed by the what if's and is this good enough, that it stops us from event starting. If I gave you all the information you ever needed to start a business but we're still paralyzed by fear or worry, it wouldn't have done any good!

When do I get the lessons?

You'll start receiving the first lesson immediately.