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HealthyFix - Zest for life!

Since 1989 Life Extension Center has been teaching it's members how to be healthy and fit.  This online course was created as a collaborative effort  of our many Certified Nutritional Consultants teaching classes support groups.  We've now made it easy and convenient for anyone, anywhere to understand exactly what to do to get and stay healthy.   You will learn everything you need to shop for food, meal plan and eating out.  We've also included a segment on exercise and how to incorporate workout you can’t wait to do. You will also learn great time management and life skills to balance your new healthy life.

Because we have been so successful we've attracted professionals such as doctors, nurses, personal trainers and fitness professionals.  Our simple approach to health removes all the confusion we hear in the marketplace.   

You will not only see results in your health but you will be prepared to help your family get healthy too.   

We are confident you will love what you learn and are going to be motivated to share the information with others.  We created a Teacher Manual and Student Outlines so you can start sharing your this information with others.  

What our students have to say....

  • 'The EGW Nutrition Course was perfect! I was quite surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to complete it. I felt very motivated after completing each section and couldn’t wait to start the next segment. I learned a TON in the exercise section and really understand the nutrition topics much better than I did before. It has motivated me to take better care of me and that includes actually being motivated to exercise, which is something I've NEVER been motivated to do before. I am committed to starting a support group at our church as part of a small group/life group program and my focus will be nutrition and exercise

    — Victoria B, Cypress, Texas
  • Since starting the course I have lost 10 pounds! I am eating so much better PLUS I am doing 20 minutes of exercise each day. I didn’t plan on helping anyone but myself when I started this course but because of my success I am more confident talking to others about their health.

    — Jan E, Montgomery, Alabama
  • I own a small fitness club and am so excited to be learning information that can benefit my clients. I can’t wait to log on to learn more. The lessons are clear which makes it easy for me to share with others.

    — Tracy H., Elgin, Nebraska
  • I lost 100 pounds by following what Iearned. It helps me stay more committed to my success. This is the 4th year that I have renewed my certificate. I am amazed that each year I learn something new. HealthyFix has taught me so much about healthy living. I have gone on to teach my own classes in my church and bible studies. I love the outlines I receive because they help me with my class preparation

    — Monica L, Phoenix Arizona
  • I am so proud to be a CNC! I just received my master’s degree and applied for a job with Disney in LA. I didn’t get the job in their HR Department as I had hoped but when they saw I have a background in health and fitness and am a Certified Nutritional Consultant, they asked me to put together a wellness program for their corporate department. The help Suzannah and her team has given me is priceless. I am so grateful to have a company like HealthyFix behind me as I build my career”.

    — Brandi, Los Angeles CA
  • 'I decided to take the CNC Course the same time I entered the transformation contest and it has been the most wonderful experience I have ever felt. I learned far more than I thought I would. The great instructors taught me the truth in weight management and time management. I set a goal to lose weight, but ended up feeling 'good' about myself, 'proud' of who I am, and standing tall.

    The Healthy Fix products are miracle nutrients! Combining the great supplement and support I receive each week from the CNC course has made all the difference in the world. I cannot remember how long it has been that I have felt this good. I now eat better, drink more water, and have found the lost energy I once had to exercise again. There is no greater joy than to be able to keep up with my eight Grandchildren and seven Children. After 36 years of marriage I literally run circles around my husband.

    God is good! I thank Him for Healthy Fix, and for the path he has provided for me to find my way to a miracle. I know the HealthyFix way is God’s way'.

    — Barbara, Houston, TX
  • 'I am a registered nurse and feel like I have learned more about helping others by taking this course than in all my years of practice. I am so glad to be focused more on 'wellness' than sickness

    — Jennifer, Friendswood, TX
  • 'I learned about the course after taking HealthyFix products. I've learned how to shop for healthy groceries. I've also learned what to order in a restaurant. Even my exercising has become fun since taking the class. I plan to join in each time the class is taught live. If I ever needed help I sent an email and received a response within a few hours. The service is great!

    — Martha B, Baton Rouge, LA
  • I shopped the internet before but never got the service or attention I received from Eat God's Way. I've been teaching bible studies for many years but have never found anything that brings us together like the Eat God's Way class. They also have a program called 30 Minute Walkers which we do as well.
    I cannot believe how much my life has changed. Thank you Eat God's Way for giving me the confidence and the tools to get started

    — Maya L, Miami Fl
  • My bible study group is so excited I did this! We are getting healthy together God's Way. We started a challenge where we support each other's goals and celebrate our success! Thanks to Suzannah for sharing with me how easy it is to motivate others.

    — Debbie Waller, Nashville TN
  • Thank you for putting together such a great course. It has helped my faith grow knowing God does care about what we eat. The Word of God is complete and useful for our lives.

    — Charlie I, Toronto Canada